Mother's Day Gift Guide

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What a great opportunity, to have an entire day to honor the woman that packed our lunches, called the doctor for us, and give back to the person that is our biggest cheerleader? We all have moms or maybe a mother of a best friend that we consider a second mom, that we love and appreciate. If you are out of ideas on what to get your mother or grandmother, no fear, we have the ultimate Mother’s Day gift ideas here!

For the Mom that’s always in the kitchen

The most important thing when getting your Mothers Day present is that it is a good fit for your mom. A gift that shows that you know her well.  If your mom is always looking for new updated and durable kitchen utensils and recipes we got a few ideas that she might like.  These copper measuring spoons add a little shine, a little class to any kitchen as well as a sturdy kitchen tool. Your mom will be sure to love these. The Magnolia Table Cookbook is sure to please everyone in the family. These Gaines' family favorites too good not to share. To stir or mix? This hand carved mango wood spoon is the perfect gift as a practical kitchen tool or for the aspiring culinary cook. 
ROOLEE home goodsmagnolia table cookbook

For the fashion trendy Mom

While your mom might not be “young and hip” she still dresses the (her) best. Your mom will love these top pick casual, wear anywhere dresses including the Thousand Miles Dress and the Sander Plaid Dress in Dove Grey . We need to mention, why not add a piece of classic Mother’s Day jewelry to accent her new Mother’s Day Dress! Make sure to see our whole collection of Mother's Day jewelry here.
Thousand Miles Dressmama bar necklace

For the simple Mom

If your mom enjoys the simple things in life try these gifts that will be sure to please her. Everyone loves a good smelling home. This candle scent is not too strong but leaves a pleasant smell making everyone wonder how she got her home to smell so good! Every mom loves a little alone time. Give her a gift that lets her take a moment for herself with this The Little Book of Self-Care.
copper candlethe little book of self-care

For the plant loving Mom

If your mom has a green thumb these gifts are sure to put a smile on her face. 
Make her day by getting flowers that will brighten up any table or room they are in. This is a perfect gift for any grandmother, or those other mothers that have helped you throughout your life, let them know that you are still thinking of them on this special day. Call your local floral store to find their arrangements! If your mom likes to garden or plant outside, try getting her unique seeds or bulbs so she can see them bloom all season long, remembering this thoughtful gift from you! Here are some variety of peony seeds you can get.

flower in brown paper wrapping













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