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10 Ways to Make Every Room of Your Home More Comfortable

Posted by Mekenna Malan on


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If you're not already a homebody, these tips might make you one! Read on to discover 10 ways to make every room of your home more comfortable and turn your shelter into a sanctuary.  

1. Swap out your bedding for the new season.

Is your bedroom feeling stuffy? Nothing some refreshed bedding can't fix! Update your throw pillows too and you'll have a whole new bedroom.

Throw Pillows - Bedroom Decor

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2. Add more throw blankets and pillows to living spaces.

If any room of your home feels unwelcoming, add soft textiles. A bright pillow will make any couch feel more welcoming!

Throw Pillows - Throw Blankets

Shop this room: Terracotta Round Pillow | Fox’s Socks Throw Blanket | Romy Square Velvet Pillow | Musgraves Textured Pillow


3. Display your favorite things.

Putting your favorite things on display will instantly make a space feel more like it's yours. Get creative with rearranging shelves and wall displays.

Open Shelves Decorations

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4. Add a plant to every room.

Plants are scientifically proven to boost your mood! Bringing something organic (a potted plant or a vase of fresh cut flowers) into a room will make it feel bright and alive.

Kitchen Table Centerpiece - Table Runner

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5. Keep your workspace minimal and organized.

When working from home, distractions are hard to avoid. Stay focused by organizing your work space and keeping only what you need at your desk (no cluttered stacks of papers allowed)!

Office Supplies - Office Essentials

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6. Personalize the kid's room.

Kids need to feel at home in their own space, too! Work with them to help make their bedroom feel safe by allowing them to hang their own artwork, display their favorite things, and store their favorite blankets and other cozy things in an accessible place.

Children Decor - Children's Room

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7. Keep your favorite recipes accessible.

Display your beautiful cookbooks, or keep your collection of family recipes organized and easy to find. Finding a way to display them will make your kitchen feel even more cozy.

Cookbooks - Recipes

Shop this room: Magnolia Table Book | The Hands-On Home Book


8. Keep your sink free of dishes.

A sink full of dirty dishes makes it harder to actually get those dishes clean! Immediately rinsing and placing dirty dishes in a dishwasher, or hand-washing them in a tub of suds as soon as possible, will keep your kitchen feeling clean and manageable.

Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Accessories

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9. Keep healthy snacks on hand.

Prepping healthy snacks and keeping them accessible reduces hungry whining (from kids and adults)! Keep easy-to-eat fruit in a bowl on the counter. Keep veggies washed and prepped in a glass jar filled with water in the fridge to keep them crisp.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More ComfortableShop this room: Bohemian Square Enameled Acacia Wood Trays | Caterine Mango and Marble Wood Tray Cutting Board | Bohemian Square Enameled Acacia Wood Trays


10. Put a candle in the bathroom.

Giving the bathroom its own signature scent will do wonders for its ambiance. Having a candle at the ready might remind you to take a calming candle-lit bath every once in a while, too!

Bathroom Decor - Bathroom Candle

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  • I enjoyed reading the tips and will put some of them into practice.Thank you.

    Kerin Gallegos on

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