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a family business


ROOLEE is a women's clothing shop that offers a solution to all life's problems... CUTE CLOTHES!

With high hopes, an encouraging family, and blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity, Kylee Champlin founded ROOLEE in Logan, Utah in 2013.

On the verge of graduating from Utah State University Kylee was given the chance to purchase her college employer’s small boutique and make it her own.

Fun, creative shopping was rare in her small hometown, so Kylee began by pushing the limits of small town trends + implementing her unique style.

ROOLEE started with women’s apparel & accessories, but now includes home décor, kids and baby apparel & accessories, and gifts.

“We do our best to find and design the styles that make you excited about life + all the good it has to offer. Shop your heart out, we promise not to tell your husbands!

ROOLEE, which is named after Kylee’s childhood nickname, has one Hometown store in Cache Valley in northern Utah and now fulfills orders worldwide via

Kylee’s loves interacting with wonderful customers and working so close with family, including her husband, mom, sisters, and her children Milo Grace and Leo Luke. “Our business is built around family. We truly hope you feel like family when you shop with us.”

Kylee Champlin

Owner, Lead Designer

As ROOLEE's Owner, Founder, and Lead Designer, Kylee has her hand in everything ROOLEE. With a love for cute clothes and for everyone she works with and for her customers, Kylee embodies everything we believe in at ROOLEE. Her willingness to do whatever it takes to make ROOLEE a success, her eye for fashion, and her desire to excel and provide the best experience for our employees and customers has been the catalyst for ROOLEE's success. Her desire to give back and her love for others is evident in all her interactions and is embodied in ROOLEE's "A World of Sisters" movement, inviting women everywhere to come together and treat each other as loving sisters. Kylee's character has been shaped and inspired by her love for her family and her close relationship with her mother, her self confessed "hero." 

Chad Champlin

Owner, CEO

As Co-owner and CEO of ROOLEE, Chad provides much of the behind-the-scenes support for ROOLEE, tackling many of the logistical and practical hurdles encountered daily by any small but rapidly growing business. Chad's entrepreneurial spirit and keen business sense has been a major factor in ROOLEE's growth and success. His shared commitment to family, ROOLEE's employees and customers has created an environment of excellence. Don't be fooled that Chad is "strictly business" -  it is not uncommon to find him participating with Kylee and the ROOLEE team in much of the creative process as well.