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10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Day While Social Distancing

Posted by Mekenna Malan on

What to do during coronavirus | How to help during coronavirus | What to do when stuck at home

Being socially isolated doesn't mean you have to stay in bed all day! There are plenty of things you can do to add sunshine to your life and the lives of others if you're stuck at home during the containment of COVID-19. 

1. Buy gift cards to local businesses.

If you have the option to work at home during the COVID-19 crisis, you are truly blessed. If you are financially able, lend a huge hand to your community by buying gift cards to your favorite restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, and other local shops during this uncertain time. You'll be supporting workers who have no other source of income, as well as small business owners who may fear closure due to economic stress. Keep the gift cards to use when things return to normal, or give to a family in need.

2. FaceTime your grandparents.

This is a frightening time for all of us, but even more so for elderly individuals and others with compromised immune systems. While we wouldn't recommend you physically visit your at-risk loved ones, this is a perfect time for you to call or FaceTime your grandparents. They'll surely appreciate the company and conversation, and their stories will help you pass the time while helping you get to know each other better.

3. Create a daily routine. 

The first few days of a self-quarantine might feel like a much-needed vacation (Netflix in bed, pajamas all day), but after a while, that lifestyle starts to get old for most of us. Give your day some stability by sticking to a morning routine, even if it's as simple as getting out of bed at a regular hour, getting dressed, and making your bed. Reflect for a moment on how you can get the most out of this time period. Have a creative or personal project that you've been "too busy" for? (Schedule it out and get to it!) Or are you taking cues from your body that you should take this time to slow down and reflect? (See #6.)

4. Share inspirational quotes with loved ones and on social media.

When anxiety and uncertainty is widespread, a calm, inspiring voice is even more needed amongst the chaos. ROOLEE's sister organization, @aworldofsisters, is posting a "daily dose" of sunshine on Instagram throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Follow and share for daily inspirational quotes, tips, and girl power!

5. Learn a new skill. 

Stuck inside? There's no better time to finally learn how to bake that perfect sourdough loaf, become a hand lettering pro, or even download a language app and start practicing your Spanish! And with a broad range of classes available online, the sky is truly the limit here. If you'd like, social distancing could be your excuse to learn iPhone photography, coding, knitting, paper flower crafting, cake decorating, Photoshop...whatever your heart desires.

6. Write it all down.

Maybe you have a daily journal, or maybe you haven't written anything since your final high school essay. Regardless, you're likely to have a lot of thoughts and feelings about what's going on in the world and how it is impacting you and your family. Channel these into the written word! Writing down a life update can be meditative and cathartic. We are witnessing a truly rare occurrence in the world today, and you and your loved ones will likely be grateful for a record of it later.

7. Amazon a package to someone or offer to lend a hand.

Want to show someone special a little love during this trying time? Buy them a little gift online and have it shipped to their door. Alternatively, if you're healthy, call your at-risk neighbors and friends and offer to go grocery shopping for them. Remember that all too often, those in need do not ask for help as much as they should. Be a shining light in your community and offer to help if you suspect someone could benefit from you grabbing them some groceries, helping watch their kids while schools are shut down, or just by sending them a little gift.  

8. Jumpstart your spring cleaning.

Some good news? It's almost the first day of spring! Celebrate the fresh start that's coming by cleaning out your fridge, closet, spice cabinet and junk drawer. Pack up everything you no longer need and make a plan to donate it. This is also a perfect time to repot plants, start seeds for a summer garden, and get done that one home decor or house repair task you've been putting off for six months (we all have that one thing).

9. Get outside at least once a day.

Yes, it's social distancing, but that doesn't mean you're barred from nature! Schedule a time each day to go for a walk around your block, go on a nearby hike, sit on your porch to watch the sunset, or even just step outside and take a few deep breaths of fresh air. If you do decide to leave your property, just be sure to greet any neighbors with waves instead of handshakes or hugs, and wash your hands promptly when you get home.

10. Bond with your loved ones.

If you live with roommates, a romantic partner, or have children, you're probably spending a lot of time together. In our (normally) busy world, this opportunity is such a blessing! Read a book together, cook a nice meal, work on crafts or home projects, tell stories and play games. Most importantly, take this opportunity to put phones down, make eye contact, and connect with each other. COVID-19 won't last forever, but the bonds you strengthen during this otherwise uncertain time will.

How are you making the most of your day and bringing light to others while social distancing or self-isolating? Share your ideas in the comments!

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