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5 Best Bags to Have When Traveling

Posted by Samantha Spackman on

Choosing the perfect travel bag can be a scary task. Safety, functionality, size, and style are all things to be aware of when traveling. Lucky for you, we’ve found a list of recommendations that not only meet these needs but also help give you a great travel experience! Let’s dive into the five best bags to have when traveling!

1: Crossbody Couture

For travelers who prioritize safety, a crossbody bag is the best option when going to different places. It offers both security and convenience for your belongings. Check out the Jupiter Crossbody Bag and the Honey Crossbody Bag, two great options that keep your essentials secure by your side and also compliment your outfits!


Shop this look: Jupiter Crossbody BagHoney Crossbody Bag


2: Accessorize Your Journey With A Backpack

When purses are no longer handy, backpacks are a better and more useful choice. They offer perfect sizing for on-the-go convenience. The ROOLEE Small Sling Backpack and The Stella Tote Backpack introduce practicality and style. With optimal sizing and comfort, these backpacks bring functionality and fashion, making them great accessories for daily tasks!


Shop this look:  ROOLEE Small Sling Backpack The Stella Tote Backpack


3: Bagging Uniqueness

Elevating your travel style involves introducing fashion-forward designs. Focus on vibrant colors or captivating materials that make a statement. The ROOLEE Rydell Woven Bag and the Ed Granny Square Tote blend functionality with eye-catching designs. These bags redefine travel accessories for any stylish explorer!


Shop this look: ROOLEE Rydell Woven BagEd Granny Square Tot


4: Bags Speak Volumes

For those travelers who want more space, larger bags are the perfect choice when shopping or hitting the beach. The Muffy Quilted Bag is the perfect option for those who wish to carry more items. Its fashion-forward and modern design provides generous room and guarantees a stylish touch to your travels!


Shop this look: Muffy Quilted Bag


5: Carry Cash, Carry Class

Items with double features are a game-changer for avid travelers. Take bags with built-in wallets. They're a great solution for exploring new places! The Free People Movement High Peak Convertible Pouch is not just a stylish choice but also incredibly versatile! It effortlessly handles two tasks at once, making your travel experience both easy and stylish!


Shop this look:  Free People Movement High Peak Convertible Pouch


What are some of your favorite bags when traveling? Let us know in the comments!

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