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5 Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom For Spring

Posted by Kelsie Nelson on

As the weather warms up and flowers start to bloom, it's time to transform your bedroom into a fresh and inviting space that welcomes the new season. Here are five ways to bring some springtime energy into your sleeping space. Happy spring!



1. Swap out bedding

Winter bedding can be cozy and warm, but it's time to pack away the heavy duvets and flannel sheets. Bring on the lighter, brighter fabrics and colors that awake the season! Consider florals, pastels, or crisp whites. A light quilt or coverlet is perfect for layering on chilly nights, while a lightweight cotton duvet will keep you comfortable on warmer evenings.  fresh spring beddingShop this look: Swayze Woven Cotton Bed CoverMagnolia Home Alessia Color Block PillowSpringsteen Two-Tone Marble Mantel Clock



2. Add new flowers + greenery

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers + plants. Bring some life to your bedroom by adding a few potted plants or fresh flowers. Adding a fun vase with your favorite blooms to your bedroom can instantly brighten up your space, and adding plants looks beautiful and can also improve air quality and promote relaxation! A snake plant, spider plant, or Gerbera daisies are all easy-to-care-for options that will thrive in your sleeping space!floral vase and greenery for a bedroomShop this look: The Enid Checkerboard Vase | The Goody Addams Pot



3. Add some texture

Spring is all about fresh, new beginnings. Bring some of that energy into your bedroom by adding new textures to your bedding, pillows, and decor. Consider adding a crisp, linen throw, patchwork pillows, or a woven basket. These cozy touches will make your space feel warm and welcoming while adding depth + interest to your decor.
chunky textures in a bedroom space



4. Swap out your scents

Swapping out scents is a simple yet effective way to refresh your bedroom for spring! Put away the cozy, warm scents like cinnamon and vanilla, and switch to light, fresh scents like citrus, lavender, and rose. The right scent can instantly evoke feelings of freshness, and renewal, while also helping create a relaxing and uplifting atmosphere in your bedroom. 

spring candle scentsShop this look: Citrus Crush Vanity Tin CandleJericho Ceramic Oval Planter | Capri Blue Volcano Mini Tin


 5. Reorganize your closet

Spring is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe and get rid of any items you no longer wear. Consider donating or selling clothes that don't fit or don't suit your style. Once you've pared down your collection, reorganize your closet to fit the season. Store heavy winter clothes and bring out lighter fabrics and brighter colors. You'll feel refreshed every time you step into your newly organized closet!

closet clear out for springSell your pre-loved ROOLEE items through ROOLEE Refresh!



What is your favorite way to decorate your bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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