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8 Best Swimsuits Styles For Spring 2024

Posted by Samantha Spackman on

As winter gives way to spring, bringing forth blossoms and sunshine, our excitement for a getaway grows. In sync with the changing seasons, we've curated the ultimate guide of the 10 Best swimsuit styles For Spring 2024 that are making waves and are perfect for your upcoming vacation. Get ready to dive into the latest trends and discover the ideal swimwear to elevate your style under the sun. Let the countdown to beach-ready bliss begin!

1: Versatile Vibes All Day Long

Mixing and matching swimsuits isn't just a rising trend; it's a brilliant way to maximize the versatility of your swimwear! Our suggestion? Opt for swimsuits with similar color schemes for an effortlessly chic look. Explore combining pieces, like the Solis Crop Up Top with the Sunseeker Colorblock Bottom. Dive into the world of fashion-forward swimwear combinations and elevate your beach ensemble with ease!


Shop this look: Solis Crop Up TopSunseeker Colorblock Bottom


2: Is it Reversible?!

Why settle for one look when you can effortlessly switch between two? Reversible swimsuits are one of the best ways to have multiple styles without taking up room in your suitcase. The Flat Rib Chesapeake Bay 4-Way Bralette and the matching Flat Rib Chesapeake Bay Reversible High Leg Bottom showcase how easy and functional these swimsuits can be! Beyond functionality, you get two swimsuits for the price of one!


Shop this look: Flat Rib Chesapeake Bay 4-Way BraletteFlat Rib Chesapeake Bay Reversible High Leg Bottom


3: Classy Is A Simple One Piece

One-piece swimsuits have been a style staple since the early days of swimwear, and their enduring popularity is no surprise. The North Shore Braided One Piece and the Poppy Braided One Piece effortlessly elevate springtime vibes with their classy charm and playful twist. Whether you're lounging by the pool or soaking up the sun, these swimsuits serve both comfort and style, making them the perfect choice for a stylish spring getaway!


Shop this look: North Shore Braided One Piece Poppy Braided One Piece


4: Patterns That Pop

With swimsuits often offering limited styling options, introducing bold and playful patterns can truly set you apart by the poolside. Take a look at the Hit the Beach Checkered Zip Up One Piece and the Flat Rib Saltwater 4-Way Bralette paired with its matching Flat Rib Saltwater Reversible High Leg Bottom—these dynamic patterns not only showcase style but also redefine the possibilities of swimwear. They effortlessly balance comfort and eye-catching design, proving that your poolside look can be both chic and comfortable!


Shop this look: Hit the Beach Checkered Zip Up One PieceFlat Rib Saltwater 4-Way BraletteFlat Rib Saltwater Reversible High Leg Bottom


5: Vibrant Hues, Dazzling Days

Elevating your swimwear game this spring is as simple as adding a vibrant burst of color! Beyond being just fun, colorful swimsuits effortlessly bring the lively spirit of spring to both the beach and poolside. The Flat Rib Cobalt Cut Back Crop paired and the Flat Rib Cobalt Colorblock Bottom duo is a perfect illustration of how a splash of color can not only complement but also enhance your style in any aquatic setting. Embrace the vivid hues of spring and make a statement with your poolside or beach look!


Shop this look: Flat Rib Cobalt Cut Back CropFlat Rib Cobalt Colorblock Bottom


6: Stylish and Shielded

As we soak in the pleasant rays of the sun, safeguarding our skin from potential burns or damage becomes a priority. Luckily, we have just the item for you! When you need a respite from the sun or seek a cover-up, consider pairing it with a rashguard. The Seafoam Baywatch Rashguard not only embodies simplicity and cuteness but also ensures that you can stay on-trend while prioritizing sun safety and how effortless and charming sun protection can be, never missing out on the fun under the sun!


Shop this look: Seafoam Baywatch Rashguard


7: Blooms By The Beach

Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring with a touch of floral in your swimwear collection! Adding this dainty detail can transform your beach look and make you feel effortlessly stylish. We recommend checking out the Salty Breeze Bikini Top, perfectly complemented by its matching Salty Breeze Bikini Bottom, for that ideal floral accent to elevate your beachwear game!


Shop this look: Salty Breeze Bikini TopSalty Breeze Bikini Bottom


8: As Simple As It Can Be

We're here for every style preference, including those who adore the simplicity and elegance of neutral swimwear. Opting for a neutral-colored swimsuit exudes a sense of timeless class and easily captures sophistication. Experience girl boss vibes with the Black Switch V Crop paired with the Ruched High Waist Bottom, and let your style speak volumes while savoring the best of what the sun has to offer!


Shop this look:   Black Switch V Crop Ruched High Waist Bottom


What's your favorite swim style? Share with us in the comments!

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