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A Morning Routine for Every Lifestyle

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter morning routine that will fit the needs of every daily schedule. What may work for one situation may not be ideal for another. No matter what your day entails, we have some steps for you to follow and implement if you are wanting to feel productive and rejuvenated. 




Preparing for a Work Day Routine

A long day at work may incite dread, excitement, ambition, or stress. However you feel about the workday ahead, a calming, productive morning will be the key to feeling fulfilled at work. Here are some steps to consider when getting ready for a workday:

  • Wear an outfit you love! When you look good, you feel good. 
  • Don’t skip the skincare routine. Wear some spf, moisturizer, and some light makeup. 
  • Brush that hair! Throwing it up for the day can be tempting, but you’ll thank yourself later if that mane is under control.

When you are picking your outfit, makeup look, and hairdo, be sure you are comfortable. An 8-hour shift is not the time to sacrifice comfort!

  • Make a to-do list. Tasks, obligations, and meetings can get incredibly overwhelming if you don’t have a list to reference.
  • Make a quick lunch or a healthy snack to bring with you. 
  • Have a go-to water bottle that keeps your water cold! Anything to stay hydrated.

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Roll Out of Bed + Out of the Door Routine

No matter how quick you need to get out of the door, there’s always time for a few seconds to get your morning in order. The smoothness of your morning routine for a get-out-and-go morning will depend a lot on the night routine from the day before. Here are some tips for a quick routine:

  • Lay out an outfit to throw on when you wake up. A cute sweatset will give the illusion of readiness with minimal effort.
  • Splash water on your face to wake you up. Follow it with a quick cleanse and moisturize.
  • Since it is quick, you likely don’t have time for makeup and hair. Try throwing your hair into a claw clip for a put-together look without much effort.

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Elaborate Weekend Routine

Picture this: you have all of the time in the world this weekend, and you are wanting to treat yourself. A dream, right? Take the time you need with some of these self-care steps in your morning routine:

  • Light a candle or start a diffuser. A nice smelling home does wonders for your mental health and coziness.
  • Work out. Be active in a way that makes you happy. 
  • Take a bath. When is the last time you’ve taken a bath in the morning? Here’s your sign.
  • An in-depth, luxurious skincare routine will kick your day off to a relaxing start.
  • Play some chill background music.
  • Make the bed nicely. 
  • Set the lighting. Turn on the lamps.
  • Fluff all of the pillows, fold the blankets, pick up odds and ends.
  • Journal! You may not have time to journal every morning, but Saturdays may be a good day to implement this practice.

Comfort Routine

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Simple, Everyday Routine

These steps are for those casual, everyday routines that you can consistently follow. When you are consistent with a morning routine, it will begin to feel like second nature. Here are some ideas for you to implement in your routine:

  • Make the bed; the most basic, cliche piece of everyone’s morning routine, but still one of the most important parts of every routine! Your room will feel organized instantly.
  • Skincare, skincare, skincare. Working a skincare routine into a morning routine will make you feel good with glowing skin. Don’t forget the spf!
  • Write a to-do list of actionable items to complete. Consider narrowing your priorities down to three main items.

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A Day at Home Routine

Whether you have a busy day at home or a relaxing day at home, setting up a clean, organized environment for your day. A lot of the steps in this routine may imitate other routines, but it will emphasize an organized space. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Make the bed. We’re a broken record at this point.
  • If you plan to stay home, get in a comfortable outfit that is cute enough to run errands in if needs be. 
  • Fluff the pillows on the couch, bed, and other areas. 
  • Fold the throw blankets.
  • Light the candles and start the diffusers.
  • Clean any leftover dishes in the sink and empty or start the dishwasher.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

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The Morning after a Late Night Routine

Many people feel fulfilled when they wake up early, but sometimes late nights are inevitable and fun. When you climb into bed later than usual hopefully, it’s because you don’t have any obligations in the morning and you can wake up without an alarm. Sometimes waking up naturally is the best thing you can do for yourself! Here are some ideas to implement if you are still wanting to follow a routine when you have a late start:

  • Get up as soon as you wake up. Lounging in bed too long can make you feel more groggy and be unhelpful.
  • Make yourself a drink! Whether it’s coffee, tea, or lemon water, it’ll help your mind and body wake up and get started.
  • Put together a reasonable to-do list. Although we know it’s tempting to lounge the day away, you will feel much better if you are productive and get out of the house.

Organization in Home

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What is the most important step of your morning routine? Share with us in the comments!

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