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Beauty in the Details - Salt the Label

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

If you haven’t hopped on the Salt the Label train yet, now is your time. A load of new arrivals just hit the site yesterday, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. 

If you don't know about Salt yet, allow us to introduce you. Salt is a premium clothing label that uses the absolute best materials and details in their designs to add flavor to your closet. The brand name is a metaphor for the overall brand purpose: creating long-lasting, closet-enhancing clothing items. The best part? You won’t find these designs anywhere else. 

Still not sure what makes Salt so special? We’ll break it down for you. 


Spring Dress - Salt the Label

Shop this look: SALT Atherton Madras Dress


Unique Clothing Texture 

This new Salt release features embroidered, laced, and quilted fabrics that add dimension and texture to your closet. The attention to detail and materials used are testaments of the high-quality pieces that Salt always provides. Not only is the fabric in this launch beautifully textured, but there are also bright colors available, just in time for spring. The pictures hardly do this clothing justice! 

Spring Dresses - Salt the Label

Shop this look: SALT Paradise Valley Detail Dress | SALT Medina Floral Dress


Breathable Design

The age-old saying that “beauty is pain” is no longer relevant here. Salt creates beautiful clothing but always has your comfort in mind. You will never again have to feel restricted by arm sleeves, waistbands, or skirts that are too tight. The breathable designs will allow you to live in the moment during important events because your clothing choices won’t hold you back. The bottom line? Beauty doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. 

Breathable Dress - Salt the Label

Shop this look: SALT Bowery Maxi


Timeless Style

Do you ever second-guess your purchases because you worry that your selection might go out of style? Investing in short-lived clothing trends can be a dangerous game. Luckily for you, clothing items at Salt are designed to be long-lasting and timeless, so these pieces are sure to outlive the trends. You can put your overthinking mind at ease; the items you purchase from Salt will live in your closet for years to come. 

Timeless Style

Shop this look: SALT Sugarhouse Tiered Maxi


So have we convinced you? Check out the recent Salt the Label launch. It’ll be love at first sight. 

What are your go-to clothing pieces? Let us know in the comments!

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