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Easy DIY Sidewalk Paint

Posted by Kelsie Nelson on

The forecast for this summer is sunshine + happy days. With school getting out, kids need entertainment and can get restless inside the house. We have the solution to this problem and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Follow these quick steps to make a washable sidewalk paint that makes chalk look like a thing of the past!

diy summer sidewalk chalk paint




  • 1 cup cornstarch 
  • 1 cup water 
  • food coloring 
  • mixing bowl 
  • mixing spoon
  • plastic cups
  • paint brushes 
DiY chalk paint supplies


Step 1: Mix Water + Cornstarch Together 

The two main ingredients in this recipe are cornstarch and water! First, measure out and add the cornstarch in the mixing bowl, then slowly mix in the water. A good rule of thumb is to have equal parts water + cornstarch. You can double the batch for more paint, or cut in half, as long as it keeps the two ingredients equally balanced. Stir together until the clumps are removed.

adding ingredients togetheradding ingredients together



Step 2: Separate + Add Color 

Separate the mixture into different cups (as many cups as you have colors). Add 2-3 drops of food coloring into each cup. If you want a more vibrant color—use more food coloring, for more of a pastel color— use less. Stir together until the color is mixed in well and it matches the vibrancy you want! 

adding food coloring to mixture 



Step 3: Paint + Admire Your Art!

You’re ready to go! All that’s left is to use the sidewalk/driveway as your painting canvas! It’s important to note that cornstarch will settle to the bottom after sitting for a little bit. Don’t worry though- it can be quickly stirred to remove any settled clumps. Give it a good stir, and it’s ready to paint!

My favorite part of this DIY is how beautifully the paint dries. As the sun soaks up the water, the color will become more vibrant and leave a gorgeous chalk-like finish! This paint is washable and can come off over time as it rains, or right away with some water and a light scrub. 

 painting with diy sidewalk chalk paintpainting with DIY sidewalk chalk paint


What’s your favorite summer activity? Share with us in the comments! 

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