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Fall Wreath DIY

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

Fall is here, and there is no better time of year for your home decor to thrive. Bring on all of the warm orange tones, garlands, faux flowers, and pumpkins. Lucky for you, we've put all of those things together in the ultimate fall wreath. This wreath would be perfect for your front door, and it only takes around 20 minutes to make! 

 Fall Wreath DIY





 Supplies for DIY Fall Wreath




Step 1: Glue on Wooden Beads

With the all-weather Gorilla glue, you will be safe to leave this wreath hanging on your front porch. Simply glue 16 wooden split beads on the wreath ring, close enough that the sides are touching. The wooden beads will end up covering half of the wreath ring. 

DIY wreath ring




Step 2: Take Flower Arrangements Apart

Take clustered flower arrangements apart and cut the thick stems off. You can usually use the wire cutter.

DIY Fall Wreath




Step 3: Wire the Flowers onto the Wreath

We found it to be easiest to wire the smaller pieces onto the wreath ring first, and the largest pieces last. If it helps, you can arrange the florals and herbs prior to tying them on. Simply wrap the floral wire around the ring and the flower.

Flower Wreath DIY




Step 4: Hang it Up!

All done! Now hang up your wreath for all of your visitors to see! The best part? When people ask you where you got it, you can tell them that you made it yourself! 

 Fall Wreath DIY




What is your favorite way to decorate for fall? Share with us in the comments! 
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