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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

Halloween isn't Halloween without a costume. It's a great excuse to dress up, play with makeup, and eat lots of candy. If you don't have a costume planned yet, we came up with ten last-minute costumes you can put together with clothes you already have in your closet! We have also linked some options we have in-store for inspiration or if you need to get some last-minute shopping in.





All you need for a scarecrow costume is a flannel, overalls, and some makeup. Top your costume off with a straw hat. The best part? You can make this costume as spooky as you want! Add some friendly face paint to be a scarecrow pal, or get imaginative with creepy makeup and props for a costume worthy of a haunted corn maze. Stuff your shirt and pants with straw and hay for the ultimate finishing touch!

Scarecrow Costume

Shop this look: The Aiden Straw Hat | Tai Plaid Shacket

Explore some other options: Amber Brisk Plaid Shacket | That’s So Fetch Shacket | Johnson Wide Leg Crop Overalls





Pair together your favorite flowy, colorful, and bohemian pieces, and you'll have the cutest hippie Halloween costume. Here at ROOLEE, we're suckers for soft, wide-leg pants, and those match perfectly with the hippie vibe. Pair your wide-legged pants with chunky heels and long jewelry. Throw a thin headband over your forehead or top your hair with a floral crown. After this Halloween look, you may be convinced to dress like a hippie full-time. 

Hippie Costume

Shop this look: Think About Me Floral Sweater | New To Town Puff Sleeve Dress | Harvest Moon Knit Pants

Explore some other options: Rylee + Cru Adventure is Out There Ringer Tee | Athena Mock Neck Long Sleeve | Fresh Start Stripe Top | La Mer Tulle Maxi Skirt





If you want to feel fancy and beautiful in your costume, dressing up as a Princess may be your look. This costume would be a great excuse to wear your old prom dress one more time. If the old prom dress isn't your vibe anymore, replace it with your favorite floral dress and make yourself a flower princess. Add your favorite heels and a tiara and you're good to go. Based on the color of your dress, it's easy to add props to become a specific Disney princess if you'd like to put in some extra effort. And, let's be honest, you're already a queen, so this is hardly dressing up.

Princess Costume

Shop this look: As the Leaves Turn Midi | Not a Joke Flutter Sleeve Dress

Explore some other options: New to Town Puff Sleeve Dress | ROOLEE Elfrida Ankle Strap Heels | Free People In the Loop Boot




Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep is the cutest costume for girls of all ages. You can improvise this costume by wearing a blue and pink dress or skirt that is decorated with polka-dots or flowers. Top it off with a cute bonnet, head scarf, or bow. Bonus points if you have your kids or pets dressed up as sheep! 

Little Bo Peep Costume

Shop this look: Isabella Button Dress |  Glacier Flower Dress

Explore some other options: A Little Bird Dress | Free People Essential Chelsea Boots | Norway Detail Chelsea Boot




Virtually any black dress paired with black boots will work for this costume. If you can find a particularly witch-like stick outside, you can use it as your magic wand. Rummage through your cupboards to find a large black pot to use as your cauldron and a broom to fly on. You might even consider going the extra mile and filling your pot with dry ice or a green liquid. Lastly, almost every store and household has a witch hat during Halloween, but you can always stick to your wide brim, as long as you get your hands on some kind of hat! 

Witch Costume

Shop this look: Taylor Jane Wrap Maxi | The Wes Hat

Explore some other options: ROOLEE Elvis Platform Boot | Free People In the Loop Boot



Kim Possible

We're all superheroes in our own right, so embracing the Kim Possible persona would be a perfect fit. All you need to rock this look is a pair of cargo pants, preferably green, black combat boots, and a tight-fitting black shirt. If you have a black fanny pack, throw that on as well. You'll be set and ready to save the world from its villains in no time! 

Kim Possible Costume

Shop this look: The Crisp Air Bodysuit | Cara Crop Pants

Explore some other options: No Regrets Bodysuit



Minnie Mouse

Dressing up as Minnie Mouse is as simple as Halloween costumes can get! Put together a red or pink polka dot dress or skirt, and top it off with the mouse ears from Disneyland. If you're short on the polka dot styles, a solid red or pink dress will do the trick! If you only have skirts, pair it with a black or neutral long sleeve shirt. 

Minnie Mouse Costume

Shop this look: The Crisp Air Bodysuit | Accio Pleated Midi Skirt

Explore some other options: La Mer Tulle Maxi Skirt | Navarro Tie Skirt | Sadie Solid Tee | Athena Mock Neck Long Sleeve | The Sanders Blouse | Lucca Button Down Skirt




Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf would also be a simple costume that takes minimal effort. Put together a brown, black, or gray monochromatic outfit and match felt ears glued to a headband with the color of your look. A fuzzy sweater on top would mimic the fur of a wolf, so that would be ideal. Pair your look with boots to make your wolf costume a full fall vibe. To go all out, paint on a nose and whiskers. 

Big Bad Wolf Costume

Shop this look: Amaris Cropped Squareneck Top | Harvest Moon Knit Pants

Explore some other options: Days Off Sweater | The Greatest Glory Pants





The Tourist costume has been a fan favorite and trusty look for years. All you need to master this look is your favorite pair of sunglasses, a button-up floral collar shirt, khaki shorts, and maybe some binoculars and hiking boots. Summon your last ounce of summer spirit for this look. If you need an excuse to splurge and get yourself a spray tan for the occasion, this is your chance! 

 Tourist Costume

 Shop this look: The Iris Sunglasses | Bing Floral Blouse

Explore some other options: Cosmos Square Sunglasses | Chelsie Rectangular Sunglasses | Sunny Isles Floral Ruched Top | Kaleidoscope Switch V Crop | Kind of the Point Pants | Cher Denim Shorts




What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!
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