Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

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Whether you're a spooky skeptic or a creepy queen, chances are you're going to need a costume for Halloween. Those Halloween parties and trick-or-treaters will be here before you know it, so if you don't have a costume planned yet, this blog post is for you! Keep reading to discover the eight different last-minute costumes you can put together with clothes you already have in your closet. 

1. Wednesday Addams

This costume is easy to achieve, especially if you have long, dark hair. Put those locks in two long braids and layer a white collared button-up under a black dress, then add black tights. Carry around a creepy object of your choice - a red apple, a bottle of "poison" or a baby doll - for extra spook factor. 

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2. Hippie

Hey flower child! Since retro looks are popular right now, you might as well use the colorblocked clothing you've accumulated in your Halloween costume! Pair one of those retro shirts with flowing or flared pants, put on some big round sunglasses, and throw everyone the peace sign all night long. Want to add a headband or a bouquet of flowers? Even better!

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3. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Virtually any blue dress will work for this costume, but bonus if it's gingham! Tie a couple blue ribbons in your hair and carry around a wicker basket with a stuffed animal puppy inside (or a real puppy - cute!). Since not everyone has sparkly red heels, white socks and any red-colored shoe will do.

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4. Morton Salt Girl

Want to figure out a less-traditional Halloween costume in a pinch? A yellow dress and an umbrella are all you need to dress up as the beloved Morton Salt Girl. Carry around a container of Morton Salt with you and it'll serve two purposes - one: for your costume, and two: as a protection against witches.

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5. Princess

Do you love feeling fancy? Would you love an excuse to wear your prom dress one last time? If so, a princess Halloween costume is the one for you! Add your favorite heels and a tiara and you're good to go. Based on the color of your dress, it's easy to add props to become a specific Disney princess if you'd like to put in some extra effort.

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6. Mary Poppins

Creating this Halloween costume is as easy as swallowing a spoonful of sugar! All you need is a white button-up, a dark-colored skirt, a black rimmed hat, and a red tie or red ribbon tied in a bow. Want to go the extra mile? Attach some faux flowers to your hat and carry around an umbrella. Don't forget the red lipstick!

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7. Mime

Everyone at the Halloween party will know who's going to win the game of charades when you walk in dressed as a mime! This costume is one of the easiest out there - pair a black and white striped top with dark pants or a skirt, add some white and black face makeup, and you're done! Simple upgrades include white gloves (they can even be the cheap, latex kind), a black hat, and suspenders.

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8. 50's Girl

You don't need a poodle skirt to dress up as a fabulous 50's girl! For this costume, any polka-dot dress or skirt will do. Put your hair in a scrunchie, put on your favorite heels, and add some horn-rimmed glasses for the full effect. You might as well tie an ascot around your neck and carry a milkshake around all night while you're at it.

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