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ROOLEE's Summer 2019 Bucket List

Posted by Mekenna Malan on

ROOLEE Summer Bucket List

Break out the shorts, sunglasses and beach novels: summer is here! The warm sunny days ahead are perfect for new adventures or relaxed hang-outs with the ones you love. With the whole season ahead of you, compiling a summer bucket list is almost as fun as completing it! Discover some ideas for your bucket list below.

Host an outdoor dinner party.

Whether it be casual like a backyard bbq or fancy like a tea party in your favorite sundress, nothing beats getting together with friends or family over good food in the outdoors. Keep your table setting simple with freshly-picked flowers and candles for when the sun starts to set. Good food + great company = a night your guests won't forget!

Go stargazing.

When was the last time you made a night of looking at the stars? If it's been a while, a warm summer night is the perfect time to reflect on the cosmos above. Sit on your porch with your favorite nighttime drink, or load some blankets into your car and drive to the nearest place with the least amount of light pollution for the best view. Not sure what constellations are above you? Download a stargazing app on your phone before you go!

Source an entire meal from your local farmer's market.

Bring your reusable grocery bags and fill them up with just-picked tomatoes, peaches, berries and salad greens. Instead of arriving at the farmer's market with a recipe in mind, shop the stalls for what looks good and and let the fresh produce inspire you to create a meal from scratch!

Go camping with friends.

Picture this: the great outdoors, a crackling fire, and quality time with the ones you love. Tell everyone to bring their favorite item to roast on a stick and have a campfire feast! Fill the night with spooky stories and flashlight games, then wake up to the sound of the birds chirping outside your tent.

Bring a garbage bag on a hike.

Before heading out on a popular hiking trail this summer, grab an extra bag and use it to pick up any trash you find while hiking. Mama Earth will thank you, and so will your fellow hikers! If you're native to the area, check out a list of our favorite Utah hikes here

Go on a social media detox.

While social media is a force than can be used for good, it's nice to take a break every once and a while. Summer is a great time to for your hiatus, as there are so many other things to do than scroll through Instagram. A digital detox can help clear your mind, as well as increase focus and creativity by allowing you to be with your own thoughts. Whether your social media detox be for a day, a week or more, your mental health will benefit!

Make homemade popsicles.

There are few things as delicious and easy to make as a refreshing homemade popsicle on a warm summer day. Get creative and freeze herbs, chunks of fresh fruit, or even edible flowers into your popsicles for the ultimate summer treat!

Take a weekend road trip.

Between work, school, family and other obligations, it's easy to live in one place for a long time without really exploring your state or the surrounding areas. Take a weekend road trip to that nearby national park you've been meaning to go to, or hop over to a neighboring state and tourist the weekend away!

Attend an outdoor concert.

The sun, the breeze, laying your blanket down on a grassy hill - outdoor concerts are one of the best ways to spend a relaxed summer evening. Bring a picnic and games, or just lay back and enjoy the sweet tunes and warm air.

Watch the sunrise.

While there's nothing like catching a few extra hours of sleep on a summer morning, starting your day with the sunrise can't be beat. Set your alarm for the early hours and think of all that you are grateful for as you watch the sun illuminate your surroundings. Then, if you like, crawl back into your bed until brunch. It is summertime, after all!

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