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Small Habits that Make a BIG Difference!

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

New Year's resolutions can be incredibly overwhelming and unrealistic, but that doesn't mean you should ditch them altogether. Start with these small goals that will help you transform into that more productive and organized version of yourself without causing unnecessary stress or strain. We want realistic, not perfect. 




Make the bed

Do we sound like your nagging mother yet? There is something magical about making the bed, as it instantly makes your entire space feel more tidy and organized. It only takes a few minutes, so hurdle that mental block and make it already! 

Make the bed




Fill a large water bottle to carry with you

Drinking water is something that we all know we should do, but we all sometimes struggle to do. To help you stay hydrated, invest in a large water bottle. If you are picky about temperature, consider a temperature-holding, insulated bottle. Here are some of our favorite large water bottles: Stanley 40 oz. Thirst Quencher (set restock notifications!), Gallon Sized Motivational Bottle (a bestie in a water bottle), Hydro Flask 40 oz. Water Bottle with Straw (for all of you temperature-specific girls).

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Rinse dishes off immediately

We know. The last thing you want to do after making dinner, dessert, or a smoothie is to rinse off all of the dishes, but you’ll truly thank yourself later. It is much easier to rinse off fresh food than crusted food that needs to be scraped off. 

Clean Dishes

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Quick pick-up before bed

When we say “quick-pick up” we mean quick. Fluff the pillows, clear the countertops, pick up everything off the floor, and fold all of the throw blankets. When you wake up in the morning to an organized home, the start of your day will go so much smoother.

Living Room Inspiration

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Don’t skip skincare. No matter how late it is, or how quick you need to get out of the door, you always have time to take care of your skin to some extent. As long as you cleanse, moisturize, and use SPF (if it’s in the morning), then you’re all set. We’re talking 5 minutes tops if you need to get it quick.

Skincare Aesthetic

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Fill diffusers/start candles/spray room spray

Nothing says comfort like a nice, consistent scent. If your house smells nice your house will instantly feel more luxurious, whether it’s diffusers, candles, or a room sprays. Our Volcano candles are some of the best-smelling candles you’ll ever find. We don’t currently carry diffusers or room sprays, so here are some of our favorites of each.

Diffuser Recommendations:

White Ceramic Diffuser

Terracotta Ceramic Diffuser

LED Lights Diffuser

Room Spray Recommendations:

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Home Salt Spray

Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Room Spray

Botanica French Lavender & Honey Blossom Room Spray

Work from Home Aesthetic

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Plan meals before grocery shopping

Instead of making a randomized grocery list of odds and ends, consider planning a meal for each day of the week. This way you’ll know exactly what you need and how much of it to get! You’ll have less food waste and you’ll spend less time headed to the grocery store on last-minute trips for one or two items you forgot.

Grocery Shopping Tips




Write a limited to-do list

Don’t fall into the trap of writing excessive to-do lists that you know deep down you will never realistically finish in a day. Start with three major action items, and then the rest of your list can fall into a long-term category that you can complete whenever you have extra time.

To-Do List 



Leave yourself “wind-down” time

At the end of the day, leave yourself enough time to relax from the day. A quick show, a chapter in a book, or a skincare routine should do the trick. 

Wind Down 


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What is the most important step of your morning routine? Share with us in the comments!

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