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Top ROOLEE MOM Dresses

Posted by Samantha Spackman on

We understand the dedication and tireless effort that goes into a mom. At ROOLEE, we're passionate about creating a space where moms can feel supported and empowered. Our journey begins with the ROOLEE MOM dress collection. Designed for comfort and practicality, these dresses make breastfeeding easy without compromising style. Looking good can feel good, and that's important for moms too! That's why we've picked some of our favorite ROOLEE MOM dresses for you to explore and try!

1: Alyssa Embossed MOM Dress

The Alyssa Embossed MOM Dress is the perfect item for remaining a fashionable mom. Its simplistic design makes a great combination of comfort and feeling confident in yourself. The hidden nursing zipper allows you to easily breastfeed while also being stylish, making it a neutral and versatile clothing option.

a woman in a white dress
Shop this look: Alyssa Embossed MOM Dress

2: Lovella Ruffle MOM Dress

The Lovella Ruffle MOM Dress is your secret weapon for being a fashionista mom! This timeless design combines comfort and class with its flowy silhouette and elegant ruffle details. Getting ready and breastfeeding is much easier, thanks to the easy access to hidden nursing zippers. Plus, it has pockets (a must-have for any mom!). This dress is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. 

a woman in a white dress

Shop this look: Lovella Ruffle MOM Dress

3: The Paisley MOM Dress

Dress for every season with The Paisley MOM Dress! This dress is perfect for everything from breezy church mornings to sunny strolls. It pairs nicely with any coat or jacket, making it a year-round favorite. Its hidden nursing zippers on both sides offer privacy and are a must-have for moms on the go!

a woman wearing a dress

 Shop this look: The Paisley MOM Dress

4: My Simple Request MOM Dress

Sunshine style made simple! The My Simple Request MOM Dress flatters all body types with its comfortable design and easy-access nursing. Plus, the drawstring waist gives you a customizable fit that feels amazing. This dress goes from errands to poolside in a flash, making it a mom's perfect dress for sunny days.

a woman in a black dress

Shop this look: My Simple Request MOM Dress

5: The Calvin Jax Floral MOM Dress

The Calvin Jax Floral MOM Dress features dainty and frolic designs for any occasion. Its vintage-inspired charm adds a timeless elegance to your look, making it easy to become a fashion icon. With its hidden nursing zippers, this dress allows moms to embrace fashion and have fun! 

a woman in a yellow dress

Shop this look: The Calvin Jax Floral MOM Dress

6: True Love's Kiss Ruffled MOM Dress

Nothing is better when the name lives up to the expectation. The True Love's Kiss Ruffled Mom Dress is a timeless silhouette you'll adore. Featuring modest lengths and beautiful ruffles, this dress is perfect for church or a special occasion. Hidden nursing zippers ensure comfortable and easy nursing options, letting you look and feel your best.

a woman in a pink dress

Shop this look: True Love's Kiss Ruffled Mom Dress


Which are your favorite MOM Dresses? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I so wish that there were dresses like this when I was a new mom. The outfits were horrendous!

    Kelleyn on

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