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Turn Your Home into a Spa

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

Everyone deserves some self-care every once in a while, but that spa night doesn't have to break the bank. Sometimes the person who best knows how to take care of you... is YOURSELF. 

Soft Blankets

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Our absolute favorite candle is the Volcano Candle. It’s so strong that simply taking the lid off will fill your home with the heavenly scent. If burning candles isn’t your thing, diffusing essential oils is another great option. Our favorite oils to diffuse are citrus smelling like lemon, grapefruit, or orange for a clean feeling, while lavender is an excellent option for a late-night spa day.




Mood Lighting

Setting the mood with warm, low lights is key to achieving that spa-like feeling that you are craving. Be sure to have warm lighting options in your home by switching out floor lamps with warm bulbs. Your lights are likely bright and cool in the bathroom, so have a table lamp option to use when you don’t want harsh lighting. The best way to chill the mood is to have a warm-lit atmosphere.




Bubble Bath

Start your warm bath once the lighting and mood are set. Use bubbles, essential oils, or bath salt to freshen up your bath. Put your hair up, grab a book, light a candle, shave your legs, or just close your eyes. You deserve this moment to yourself!

Good Smelling Candle

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Face Masks

While your bath is filling up, consider putting a facemask or exfoliating. Doing your skincare while you are soaking in the tub is a dream come true.




Comfortable Blankets and Robe

Fresh out of the warm bath, cozy up into a large robe or soft blanket and loose-fitting clothes. During your relaxing spa night at home, the last thing you want is any restricting clothing. Our favorite go-to for all luxury blanket and robe needs is Saranoni.





Now that you’ve soaked and cozied up in a blanket or robe, you can paint your nails or toes. Moisturize your entire body, head to toe. A nice, clean pedicure or manicure will make you feel complete and put together.

Self-Care Necessities

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Pajama Set

Once your nails are painted, your body is moisturized, and your coziness is at its peak, switch into a matching pajama set. You know that one that you got for Christmas years ago that you never wear because you always turn to running shorts and t-shirts? Yeah, that one. Put that on! It’ll make it feel like a special occasion (because it is!). 





Now that you have effectively treated yourself for the evening throw on a comfort movie. Whether it’s a romantic comedy, thriller, or mystery, turn on your favorite kind of movie to enjoy with your new nails, clean face, and comfortable blankets.




No Cell Phone Zone

During the movie, set your phone out of your arm’s reach. Take a moment to fully immerse yourself into another world of your movie and take the night off from social media, texts, and emails. 

Matching Lounge Sets

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What is your favorite form of self-care? Share with us in the comments!

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