The Perfect ROOLEE Valentine's Gift For Each Love Language

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Love Language Gift Guide Valentine's Day ROOLEE

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It's the season of love, and we won't hint around here...she wants ROOLEE this Valentine's Day. Gifting based on your partner's love language is fun and foolproof, and understanding the way your partner prefers to give and receive love will benefit your relationship in more ways than making gift-giving easier. If you haven't already, have your partner take the 5 Love Languages quiz here, then find their perfect gift below!

Words of Affirmation

If your partner's love language is Words of Affirmation, the sweet nothings you write on our "Love Is An Understatement" Card will be the best part of their Valentine's Day. The phrase on the front of this card is heartfelt, straightforward, and already did some of the hard work for you. Channel your inner Shakespeare and write your own message on the blank side of the card. Really put some thought into what you write and don't be afraid to say what you feel!

Quality Time

ROOLEE 2019 Promo Calendar. This isn't just any calendar - it includes secret promo codes for discounts on ROOLEE throughout the year! Before gifting to your partner, plan out a few date nights in advance and write them on the calendar. (Example: February 21 - indoor picnic, March 30 - go to a museum, etc.) Pre-planned and promised quality time makes this gift extra-special.

Physical Touch

If your partner's love language is physical touch, they'll love our ultra-soft Mohair Amber Throw. This Valentine's date is a simple idea but the coziest of all: gift this blanket and your partner's favorite treat, then cuddle up and watch a movie. 

Acts of Service

Go for a functional gift like the Tompkins Denim Apron. If your partner's love language is acts of service, you should probably make Valentine's Day dinner for them! Are you a seasoned chef? Go for something special, like eggplant parmesan. Can't cook? Make a pretty pizza. It doesn't have to be fancy; your considerate act of service will be enough! Wear this apron and then give it to your partner afterwards as a gift. 

Receiving Gifts

The perfect gift for someone who loves to receive is a can't-fail item they will use daily. Simple and classy, the Floating Circle Necklace will certainly do the job! One of our most popular jewelry pieces, this beautiful pendant necklace adds subtle shine to any outfit and is perfect for daily wear. 

Last but not least: want to know the perfect, can't-go-wrong addition to any Valentine's gift? A ROOLEE gift card. 

Tell us your love language and your favorite Valentine's Day date idea in the comments!

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