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What's In Her ROOLEE Bag? | Daily Essentials

Posted by Mekenna Malan on

What a woman carries in her bag says a lot about her - it's a display of her personal style, favorite beauty essentials, and every-day must-haves. We love our bags for fashion and functionality, and so do our employees! To help you get to know a couple of our favorite bags and the people working behind-the-scenes, we interviewed three ROOLEE employees about the daily essentials they carry in their bags throughout the day. Take it away, Anna, Hailey and Staci!

Anna Hunsaker - Junior Graphic Designer

Selam Magazine Tote - "This bag is real leather, and I love the large size. I can fit everything in it."
Seashape Painted Notebook - "This notebook is hand-painted and super cute. It has blank, unlined pages so it's nice to either draw or take notes in."
York Hair Tie - "I tie it on my bag, but can also take it off and put it in my hair in a pinch."
Kotor Computer Glasses - "They keep my eyes from hurting during a long day in the office!"
Glitter Gel Pens - "These are from Bando. I love writing with gel pens!"
Ulta Radiant Glow Lip Balm in Dazzle - "This chapstick reacts with your pH balance to match the tone of your skin. It's a nice moisturizing chapstick with a hint of color."
iPad - "I love that I can fit this iPad in my bag. I do all the ROOLEE designs on it!"


Hailey Lowrey - Junior Fashion Designer

The Roanoke Backpack - "It's all leather, and I love the way it smells. It has pockets on the inside to keep my stuff organized."
Old Whaling Co. Coconut Milk Body Butter - "A nice travel-size lotion that's easy to carry with me throughout the day and leaves my skin so smooth!"
Lavender Essential Oil - "It's calming and helps me relax no matter where I am."
Denik Planner - "This planner is so cute, and they help build schools and support artists with the funds they raise."
PINK Warm & Cozy Body Mist - "I've used this same scent since middle school!"
Burt's Bees Lip Balm - "I love the hint of peppermint."
Soap & Glory Pillow Plump Lip Gloss - "It makes your lips tingle and look more full!"
Thread Wallet - "Such a fun pattern to carry around and it keeps all my cards safe."
Teleties - "I love how they make my ponytail look perky and full."
ROOLEE Water Bottle (Employee Exclusive) - "To stay hydrated at the office!"


Staci Walter - Customer Success Manager

Tirhas Saddle Bag - "This leather shoulder bag is the perfect size to hold my daily essentials."
Pai Computer Glasses - "An office must-have."
Harvest Knot Velvet Scrunchie - "I like that I can wear it as a bracelet or a hair tie."
Everyday I'm Hustlin' Journal - "I use this to keep all my cute notes in for work!"
Raspberry Vanilla Goat's Milk Lotion - "This lotion smells amazing, is all-natural and is made locally."
Victoria's Secret Angel Body Mist - "Fun fact, I've worn this since my middle school boyfriend bought it for me...It's my favorite smell!"
Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm - "I love the mango flavor and that it's so nice and moisturizing."
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - "This is my new favorite concealer! It's magic."
Fashion First-Aid Kit - "Inside this tiny glitter pouch I've got some bobby pins, nail clippers, a nail file, nail polish, band-aids, buttons, makeup remover, deodorant, safety pins...definitely my favorite christmas present i've ever received!"
Mott's Fruit Snacks - "I always carry two. If I want a fruit snack and my boyfriend wants a fruit snack, I'm not sharing."


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