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Free Gift Return Policy:

Items purchased as part of our Cyber Week Free Gift promotion are subject to the following return policy. Free gifts fall into order value tiers of $50, $100, $150 + $200. If items returned from these orders drop your total below the threshold that qualified you for that gift's tier, your returned items value will be used to cover the retail cost of the gift, if it is not returned as well. Additionally, this applies when all items but the free gift are returned. In these instances, you will be refunded the full value of your return, minus the retail value of the gift that was not returned.

Free gifts may be returned, however, the value of the item is $0 so no store credit will be available. Gifts hold no monetary value + cannot be exchanged. These gifts will remain free as long as the value of your order remains at the tier level of the gift. For orders that qualify for a higher tier gift, but decide on a lower tier gift, for whatever reason, will not be charged until the order value falls below that specific gifts tier threshold.