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7 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

Posted by Mekenna Malan on

From super-romantic dinners to all-night Netflix binges, we love a date night in!  If you'll be celebrating Valentine's Day at home this year, your date options are only as limited as your imagination. The best part about planning a stay-at-home Valentine's Day date? You can wear anything your heart desires, from your fanciest dress to your comfiest sweatpants. 



1. Serve breakfast in bed.

It's only a day full of love if you start early! Stay in your pajamas and treat your significant other to a breakfast in bed. It doesn't have to be anything fancy - the thought is what counts - but a small vase of flowers adds an extra romantic touch.

breakfast in bed + loungewear

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2. Take a virtual cooking class together.

Order your groceries, tie on your aprons, and get cooking! There are plenty of virtual cooking "classes" online for any recipe you can dream up. Not sure what to search for? Narrow down your desired type of cuisine and go from there. Bonus points if you cook a dish you've never tried before!

cooking breakfast with an apron on

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3. Have an indoor picnic.

It might be too cold to have a romantic picnic outside, but there's nothing stopping you from bringing those warm summer vibes into your living room. Clear a space on the floor and lay out a picnic blanket and pillows. Set out your favorite foods and enjoy each other's company.

valentine's picnic at home

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4. Indulge in a spa night.

Nothing says love like self-love! Indulge yourself (and your partner, too!) in a night full of face masks and bubble baths. You'll be bonding, de-stressing, and getting glowy all at the same time.

self care essentials

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5. Make an "everything in chocolate" dinner.

If you're the type of classic Valentine's gal who loves receiving chocolate and flowers, kick it up a notch by planning an "everything in chocolate" dinner. It's exactly like what it sounds: grab a cheeseboard, load it up with finger foods that are both sweet and savory, and dip it all in chocolate fondue for dinner.

chocolate dipped strawberries

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6. Take a walk down memory lane.

After dinner, keep the candles lit and dig out all your photo albums, pull up your wedding video, or read each other old love letters from the beginning of your relationship. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to reflect together on how far you've come.

polaroid memories

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7. Plan a movie marathon.

There's no easier date night than putting on your cozy clothes and snuggling on the couch - and there's nothing wrong with that! In honor of Valentine's Day, watch a classic rom-com or re-watch the first movie you and your significant other ever watched together. 

movie marathon

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