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Creative Ideas For Your Rettel Roller

Posted by Mekenna Malan on

A Rettel Roller is a blank space where you can unleash all your creative energy, whether that be with hand-lettered quotes, meticulously segmented calendars, to-do lists, dinner menus...the list goes on! To help fuel your imagination, we've come up with five unique and innovative ways to use your Rettel Roller that are easy to follow and will help inspire you to come up with some creative ideas of your own. 

Dried Flower Decor

Drying flowers on your Rettel Roller is easy, beautiful, and a fun way to add a touch of summer to your home decor! Bundle some of your favorite blooms together and hang upside-down by taping or pinning them to your Rettel Roller's brown paper backdrop. If your roller is hung in your kitchen, here's a bonus idea: dry bundles of lavender or fresh herbs using this method!

Flower Drying Decor Rettel Roller

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Creating your own wrapping paper at home is as easy as stamping your roller with your favorite stamp, tearing off a piece, and wrapping your present! Leave your roller attached to the wall while you're stamping for a quick and easy craft. 

DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper Rettel Roller
DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper Rettel Roller

Painted Wall Decor

Unleash your inner Van Gogh and use your Rettel Roller as an easel! By painting on your roller, you can have your own art hanging in your home quickly and easily. Taking it down or starting over is just as easy - pull your roll of paper, rip off, and repeat. 

Painted Wall Decor Rettel RollerPhotos by @_kimbercreates and @girlandgrey

3D Paper Cut-Outs 

One of our favorite ways to spice up a Rettel Roller is by attaching 3D paper cut-outs to it! The possibilities are endless, but for this idea, we taped 3D flowers to our roller after creating them with the Cricut Explore Air 2

3D Paper Cut Out Decor Rettel Roller | Cricut Flowers DIY

Polaroid Display

Give your gallery wall some extra flair by attaching your photos to a Rettel Roller instead! Not only will the photos be easier to remove, the entire sheet of paper can be ripped off from the roller when you're ready to start over, keeping your sheet full of Polaroids intact and in order. 

Polaroid Gallery Wall Rettel RollerPhotos by @toricasanova

How do you use your Rettel Roller as a creative outlet? Let us know in the comments below or post a photo to Instagram and tag @rettelco. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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