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Family Picture Color Schemes

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

Family pictures are meant to capture the sweet, tender moments of your current phase of life, yet they are too often associated with dread, stress, and a last-minute scramble. To make sure you are able to capture the happy family we know that you are, we have put together a few color schemes and outfit ideas to lighten your load. 




Cool Tones Color Palette

Cool Blue

Your clothing may be blue, but you sure aren't! This color scheme is crisp, fresh, and ready for some time in the mountains or on the beach. Blues work all year round!

Kids Family Pictures Outfit Ideas

Shop this look: Vee Striped Dress | Time to Go Jumper | Mochi Tank Dress

More ideas for kids: Jasper Stripe Tee (SlateGray) | Silas Tie Dye Top (LightSteelBlue) | Silas Tie Dye Shorts (LightSteelBlue) | The Anistyn Dress

More ideas for women: Maddie Buffalo Plaid MOM Dress (LightSlateGrey) | Family Over Everything Maxi | Kari Ruffle Sleeve Dress (Gray)




Warm Contrast Color Palette


This color scheme is the perfect summer combination that just screams happiness and warmth. It's everything you want your family to be. 

Family Pictures Mommy-Daughter Outfit Ideas

Shop this look: Fun Times Overalls | Pivot Tiered Dress

More ideas for kids: The Jonah Tee | Deema Floral Dress | Oona Tee Shirt Dress (LavenderBlush) | Vee Striped Dress | Jasper Stripe Tee (White)

More ideas for women: Maddie Buffalo Plaid MOM Dress | Cover Me in Daisies Pants | Cover Me in Daisies Blouse | Bing Floral Blouse




Warm Neutral Color Palette


Neutral color patterns are the tried and true color combination for family pictures. You just can't go wrong! Throwing together different shades of creams and whites will make your family look cohesive and put together effortlessly.

Family Pictures Outfit Combinations

Shop this look: The Crown Detail Dress | The Pippa Dress

More ideas for kids: You Got It Dude Skirt | The Kingston Trousers | Cece Grid Line Dress

More ideas for women: Homegrown Happiness Blouse | Homegrown Happiness Pants | Days of Our Lives Dress | The Maurie Pants (Cornsilk)





Blue Contrast Palette


Your family's outfits don't have to match identically for them to work beautifully. Don't be afraid of a little contrast and color! This pastel palette will allow you to incorporate different colors that don't clash. 

Family Picture Color Scheme Ideas

Shop this look: Dannika Detail Jumpsuit | Silas Tie Dye Top (Blue) | Silas Tie Dye Shorts (Blue)

More ideas for kids: The Adrian Blouse | The Adrian Shorts | Emberly Button Skirt | Vee Striped Dress 

More ideas for women: Jane Ryan Button Blouse | The Adina Blouse | The Adina Trousers | Coffee Shop Dress




Rust Contrast Color Palette

Blue and Bold 

In this color scheme, the blues are darker and the colors are more profound. Sprinkle in pops of olive green and brown to add some interest and variation. 

Family Pictures Outfit Ideas

Shop this look: Kari Ruffle Sleeve (Green) | Time to Go Jumper 

More ideas for kids: The Mini Jack Jumpsuit | Kai Detail Top | Kai Detail Shorts | The Bennett Tee

More ideas for women: Marcel Striped Tee Shirt Dress (Olive)Rodrigo Wide Leg Pants | The McKessie Detail Dress




Pink Color Palette

Pinky Promise

Picture your family, dressed in pink, frolicking through the wildflowers. It's so fun and playful that you almost forget that pictures are being taken of you. With this color scheme, your smiles will come naturally. 

Casual Family Picture Outfit Idea

 Shop this look: Marcel Striped Tee Shirt Dress (Mauve) | Eloise Floral Top (Pink) | Eloise Floral Shorts (Pink) 

More ideas for kids: Silas Tie Dye Top (Natural) | Silas Tie Dye Shorts (Natural)

More ideas for women: Perfect Night Dress | Pink Skies Textured Trousers | Minnesota Floral MOM Dress | Can I Have This Dance Floral Midi




Dark Neutral Color Palette

Earth Tones

The organic, warm colors of the earth will look great on your wall. Mix deep browns and forest greens with touches of light tans and creams. This color palette would unsurprisingly pair beautifully with the outdoors. 

Family Pictures Outfit Ideas

Shop this look: The Best Day Pocket Tee | The Best Day Shorts | Maddie Buffalo Plaid MOM Dress (Tan)

More ideas for kids: The TomTom Jumpsuit | Jasper Stripe Tee (White) | The Kingston trousers

More ideas for women: Cody Textured Maxi | The Maurie Pants | Nielsen Sweater Vest | The Ross Tank Top (Olive)




What are your favorite colors to wear for family pictures? Share with us in the comments!

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