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Four 4th of July Crafts to Try

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

Decorate your home for Independence Day and have a good time doing it with these four 4th of July crafts! 

Popsicle Stick American Flag


- Popsicle Sticks

- Paint (Red, White, and Blue)

- Paint Brush

- Paper Plate

- Hot Glue Gun

- Scissors

Popsicle sticks are our best friend! Here are instructions on how to make one American flag, but feel free to repeat the steps as many times as you want. 

Step 1: Paint four popsicle sticks red and three white.

Step 2: Cut two popsicle sticks in half and paint three of the halves blue. 

Step 3: Hot glue the red and white popsicle sticks together in a red, white, red pattern. Make sure the top and bottom popsicle sticks are red. 

Step 4: Hot glue the blue popsicle stick halves onto the top three popsicle sticks. 

Popsicle Sticks American Flags Craft




Straw Fireworks


- Plastic Straws (that bend at the top)

- Paint (Red, White, and Blue)

- Paper Plate

- Scissors

- Rubber Bands (optional)

You can’t go wrong with straw fireworks. The messier the better! Don’t fret about getting this perfect because it’ll look great no matter what. 

Step 1: Cut the straw from the top until the bend. Continue cutting until the straw is sliced into small pieces. 

Step 2: Repeat step 1 on three or four straws.

Step 3: Hold the straws tightly together or secure them with a rubber band. Spread the cut tops out into a circle.

Step 4: Pour and spread paint onto the plate. Make small, alternating dollops of every color.

Step 5: Place the straw tops into the paint on the paper plate, then stamp the paint onto another surface. 

Straw Firework 4th of July Craft




Bead Chain


- String

- Beads (Red, White, Blue, Alphabet)

You’ve been making this craft your entire life in the form of friendship bracelets and necklaces. You can make this bead chain jewelry or try it as a hanging decoration! 

Step 1: Cut string to desired length.

Step 2: Tie a knot on one end of the string.

Step 3: Thread the beads in a desired pattern or at random.

Step 4: Secure the end with another knot.

4th of July Decor




Paper Plate American Flag


- Paper Plate (completely white)

- Paint (Blue, White)

- Scissors

- Ribbon, Tissue Paper, or similar

- Hot Glue

- String (optional, to hang)

- Paper (optional, for the stars)

We used flashy silver tinsel to hang from the paper plate and loved the result! Experiment with the length and type of the ribbon to take this craft to the next level.

Step 1: Cut the paper plate in half.

Step 2: Paint the halved paper plate in blue.

Step 3: Cut out star shapes from white cardstock and glue to the plate or paint on the white stars.

Step 4: Hot glue ribbon to the back of the paper plate at desired length.

Step 5 (optional): Make a hole in the top of the plate and thread a string through.

4th of July Decoration




Watch it happen in video format here!

What is your favorite way to celebrate the 4th of July? Share with us in the comments!

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