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Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

 For some gift-giving comes naturally, but for others it's a struggle. The perfect gift varies from person to person and getting the same gift across the board usually doesn't cut it. Everyone is different and appreciates different things! Thankfully, ROOLEE has plenty of gift options ready to go, and we are here to help! We have paired some possible personality types with our bestsellers to get your gears turning about what to give your besties that mean the most to you.



For the friend who exudes cozy vibes

Don't we all have the friend that prefers a night in over a night out? And for good reason too, because doesn't their home just always feel cozy, warm, and peaceful? Well, then we know they would love the Capri Blue Volcano scent. You can choose to gift the classic candle that comes in a variety of colors, the scented room spray for a quick refresh, or the hand cream to moisturize hands in the dry winter season. With Capri Blue products you really can't go wrong because it all smells heavenly. 

Capri Blue Volcano

Shop here: Capri Blue Volcano Candle No. 6  | Capri Volcano Hand Cream | Capri Blue Volcano Room Spray No. 6 



For the friend with a jewelry collection

All I want for Christmas is jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry. Even for those friends that seem to have it all, we know that they don't have anything like these Good Karma bracelets! Every bracelet is a little bit different, and they're a great way to add a little bit of color to your collection. If you're feeling sentimental, buy two so you can keep a matching one. In our opinion, you're never too old for friendship bracelets!

Scout Bracelets

Shop here: Good As Gold - Good Karma Bracelet | Pure Magic - Good Karma Bracelet




For the friend with beautiful handwriting

The Artisan Rettel Roller is a great gift for just about anyone, but it truly is an artist's dream! The minimalistic design and blank canvas is just begging for something beautiful to be written on it. Not only is the Artisan Roller a gift for an artist, but it is also the perfect gift to give to a friend that you have no idea what else to give. We have nicknamed the Rettel Roller "the perfect gift," and for good reason! It is a gift that anyone would love. 

Craft Paper Roller

Shop here: Artisan Rettel Roller




For the friend who is a DIY queen

You know the friend who always seems to have a project going? Hair clips and teleties are always the way to go because the DIY queens are always looking for ways to pin their hair back out of their face. There's nothing more frustrating than your hair getting in your way when you're trying to focus, but we also hate those pesky ponytail lines. Teleties and hair clips are the answer to all of these complaints because they keep hair out of your face but don't ruin it in the process!

Ways to pull your hair back

Shop here: ROOLEE Coconut White Teleties Set | ROOLEE Deb Hair Clips




For the friend who is a fashionista

Clothing and shoes can be a difficult gift to give because of sizing issues, but we've found that dresses are the way to go if you are wanting to buy clothes for a friend. This embroidered sweater dress is an ideal gift to give to your fashion-forward friend who only wants clothes. The sizing is flexible because the fabric is loose and comfortable. We are in love with the embroidered detail on the sleeve and your friend will be too! 

Embroidered Dress

Shop here: Finding Love Floral Detail Dress




For the friend with a shoe collection

If you know your friend's shoe size, you're a real one. Gifting a pair of stylish shoes like these is an act of true friendship, especially if you don't have to ask for their shoe size (but bonus points if you can do some sneaking around and find it without them knowing). These sneaker-looking boots are not your average pair of kicks, and we know your friend will love their uniqueness! The fuzzy interior and matte finish are the ultimate detail combination. 

Sneaker Boots

Shop here: Palladium Pampa Hi Zip Leather boots




For the friend who wears many hats

For the friend who does it all, we love all things Gigi Pip. The cold season is upon us and beanies are a must! This waffle knit beanie comes in multiple colors and is the cherry on top of any outfit. Your friend is sure to love styling this with all of their winter fits this season!

Waffle Knit Beanie

Shop here: Marsh Waffle Knit Beanie




What do you have on your Christmas list? Share with us in the comments!

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