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Thanksgiving Table Decor with Rettel

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

Thanksgiving is nearing! We are so excited for the excuse to get together with loved ones and family to celebrate our gratitude for the blessings in our lives. Rettel replacement rolls are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. It can act as a table runner, placemat, or activity for the young ones. All of our replacement rolls and other Rettel products are available on and

Thanksgiving Kids' Table




Kids’ Table 

In our opinion, Rettel replacement rolls belong on the kids’ table. We tried our idea out on kids and they loved it, so we know it’s a good one! All you have to do is tear off a section long enough to run across the length of the table and draw thick, cartoon-looking characters with a sharpie or black marker. Your drawings will act as a make-shift coloring book for all of the kids in your life this Thanksgiving.

Coloring book table runner


Even if you don’t want to draw any pictures, kids can keep entertained by their own imagination and draw to their hearts’ content. Depending on the kids’ ages, they may prefer to play games like tic-tac-toe or connect the dots. 


Thanksgiving Kids' Table


Whatever you choose to do at the kids’ table with your Rettel replacement roll, we know it will level it up and keep your kids entertained throughout the entire dinner. 


Kids Table Thanksgiving




Adults’ Table

If the adults want to color, we’re not here to stop you. Break out the crayons and go to town! If you are wanting a more classy set-up, then you can draw placeholders or food labels around all of your pieces. Even with nothing drawn on, a simple, blank, craft roller will look very autumnal and bring out all of the Thanksgiving vibes! No matter how you choose to style it, we don’t think you could go wrong.

Thanksgiving Table Decor ideas


If you choose to include Rettel in your Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to share and tag us @rettelco! You won't regret it. 


Coloring Book Table Runner




How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Share with us in the comments!
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