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Inside Look: How Our Swedish Clogs Are Made

Posted by Mekenna Malan on

Happy CLOGUST! To celebrate this month, we took a trip all the way to Sweden to give you an inside look at how our clogs are made. These clogs are the real deal - each shoe is lovingly handmade from Swedish alder wood and the finest Italian leather before being delivered to your closet. Take a peek inside the factories and discover the clog-making process step-by-step!


1. Local Swedish lumber is cut into rectangular blocks of wood.


a man working on a machine


2. Multiple blocks are placed simultaneously into a grinding machine that cuts and sands the blocks into the various shapes of each wooden sole. 


a machine with wooden legs


3. From there, workers carve each wooden clog base to the specified shoe size, then sand each piece smooth. Every clog base comes from a single piece of wood. 


a woman working on a wood shoe


4. The rubber soles are attached and the final shaping of the base is completed. 


a woman working on a shoe


5. Wooden bases are delivered to the leather and finishing factory. Straps made from genuine Italian leather are patterned and cut. 


a man working on a piece of leather


6. Leather straps are then sewn together and fitted with buckles. 


a woman working on a piece of paper

a person sewing a piece of fabric


7. Leather straps are stapled by hand to the wooden base by factory employees that have been trained for years. Their precision and attention to detail in the creation process is amazing to watch! Every staple is placed precisely and deliberately to achieve the smooth, uniform look of the clog. 


a man working on a piece of wood


8. Heat, pressure and molding are then used to form the clog so it retains its shape. 


a person holding a sandal


9. Once completed, each pair is checked for quality and packaged for delivery. 


a person wrapping a shoe

a woman standing next to a stack of boxes


10. The beautiful finished clogs are delivered to you! 


a person holding a pair of black shoes


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