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How to Style: Wide Brim Hat

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

The wide brim hat is an accessory that will elevate any look. Mastery of its styling means more comfortable outfits made classy, less bad hair days, and an all-around more versatile closet. A wide brim hat is not as intimidating as it may seem, but people often have trouble styling it naturally with their outfits. We’re here to convince you that it goes with just about everything. No matter your fashion sense, there is room for a wide brim in your closet. Read on to discover ways that you may choose to incorporate a wide brim hat into your next outfit, complete with pictures! Shop all wide brim hats here. 




Matching Set

We are yet to find a matching set that a wide brim hat doesn’t elevate. A matching set is a statement look that we have all come to love due to its comfort, ease, and style. Paired with a wide brim hat and other carefully chosen accessories, comfortable loungewear will transform into a full look to be worn for occasions of all formalities.

Matching Set Outfit

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Denim on Denim

We are here for that denim on denim look! When done the right way, it is a bold fashion statement. Don’t shy away if the wash of your denim blouse or jacket is not identical with your jeans, it will only add contrast and dimension to your outfit. Paired with heeled booties that match your hat, this look will allow you to channel that western vibe in a chic way. 

 Denim on Denim Outfit

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Jeans and a White Top

Everyone has a staple pair of jeans and a white top in their closet, and pairing it with a wide brim hat is going to elevate that otherwise basic look. Try a wide brim with a simple white button shirt and blue jeans if you hope to channel your inner professional. To make it more casual, swap the white button shirt for a simple white tank top, crop top, or t-shirt. 

Basic White Top Outfit

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A common misconception about the wide brim hat is that it is too fancy for casual wear. Toss those rumors to the curb because paired with a solid graphic t-shirt or crewneck, a wide brim hat is right at home. Casually wearing a wide brim is a power move that more people should be taking. Pair your t-shirt and hat with a printed skirt or simple jeans. The styling opportunities are endless. 

 Graphic T-Shirt Outfit

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Let’s be honest; it seems like the wide brim hat was made to be styled with dresses of all kinds. It’s an outfit that could do no wrong. The wide brim is comfortable and appropriate during all seasons, and therefore all dress lengths. Wear it with a short, summer dress to block out the sun or a long sweater dress during the winter months to protect you from light snow flurries. A wide brim really is a no brainer.

 Short Dress Styles

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What is your go-to outfit to wear with a wide brim hat? Share with us in the comments!
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