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ROOLEE Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted by Kinsey Hurren on

Fatherhood is a lifetime role, which is why dads are considered the best for many reasons. They love without fail, work harder than anyone we know, and always know how to make us laugh. To ensure he has another special Father’s Day, browse this ROOLEE gift guide for ways to express your gratitude for all that he does!


1. Rettel Desktop Roller

Since dads are hardworking and show endless support to us, it can be easy for them to let things slip past their minds. And that’s exactly why we love the Rettel Desktop Roller! It provides a simple way for them to remember the small and important things, or to quickly jot down a classic dad joke that we all love. So let’s give our dads some grace for often forgetting things, or better yet, give them the Rettel Desktop Roller!

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Shop this product:Rettel Desktop Roller


2. Fill in the Love Book

With everything our fathers do, they deserve all the recognition, love, and support from us. A simple way to personalize how you feel about the heroes in your life is with the Fill in the Love Book. Nothing is more special than reminiscing on the priceless memories that have helped shape you into who you are today. This little book is a perfect, sentimental gift that will guarantee a special moment with your dad. 

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Fill in the Love Book


3. Hats

What is a dad without a hat!? Hats provide comfort, protection, and style, making our dads ready for any adventure life throws their way. That’s why we especially love these Huega House hats! They can add a touch of flair to their everyday look and we’ve got plenty to choose from! 

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Huega House


4. Hand Sanitizer

The Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Power Mist is great for those dads always on the go, or when they are running around to keep you out of trouble. These travel-sized hand sanitizers are convenient and effective, which is exactly the kind of tool our dads need! 

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Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Power Mist


5. Travel Bag

The Take Me With You Travel Bag is as durable as him! This leather bag is perfect to keep in the office, in the car or just to have around the house. It holds all that he needs and more! He may even hold a few extra things for you because dads always know when you need a sweet treat. ;)  

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Take Me With You Travel Bag


6. More Hats!

Again, dads and hats just go hand in hand. They make for an easy solution to those messy hair days, are essential when working outside, or simply just because. Check out the Saddleback Ranch Foam Trucker Hat or the Montauk Baseball Cap for the best gift! 

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Saddleback Ranch Foam Trucker HatMontauk Baseball Cap


What is your favorite thing about your dad? Share with us in the comments!

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