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5 Summer Sandals

Posted by Kinsey Hurren on

Summer is finally here and we are beyond excited! Discover how the right sandal can give you a new pep in your step when jumping into this new season with our 5 best summer sandals!

1. Karamelo Sandal- The Everything Sandal

When we say we have the perfect summer sandal for you, we mean it! The Karamelo Sandal will be the easiest decision when planning your summer outfit; they go with literally everything. Whether you want to be dressed up or dressed down, these sandals will make you look and feel good!

Shop this look: 

The Karamelo Sandal

2. Kristel Platform- The Wedding Sandal

A summer wedding is more than just an event; it’s an enchanting experience. With the beauty of fresh flowers, flickering candlelight, and loving company, you will want to be celebrating all night long. Wearing the Kristel Platform Sandals will keep you comfortable while you are on the dance floor with the happy couple.

 Shop this look: 

Kristel Platform Sandals

3. Kaori Sport Sandal- The Adventure Sandal

For those who seek the thrill of the great outdoors, we have the sandal for you! The Kaori Sport Sandal is the ultimate adventure shoe to support your every step. Whether you are on an outdoor exploration or a spontaneous journey, these sandals will help you embrace your wanderlust spirit.  

 Shop this look: 

Kaori Sport Sandal 

4. Martita Leather Platform Sandal- The All Day Sandal

If you’re looking for a sandal that will provide maximum all-day comfort, then look no further! The Martita Leather Platform Sandal is perfect for walking around the farmers market in the morning, going on an afternoon stroll through the park, and ending the day with some ice cream.

 Shop this look: 

Martita Leather Platform Sandal

5. Milan Buckle Slides- The On-the-Go Sandal

By taking advantage of the warm weather and longer daylight hours, summer can become a busy season full of activities, celebrations, and projects. With the busyness summer brings, it is important to have a shoe that can keep up with you. Whether that be running to and from the pool or picking fresh fruit from the garden, the Milan Buckle Slides are up for the challenge!

Shop this look: 

Milan Buckle Slides


What's your favorite summer sandal? Share with us in the comments! 💛

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