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Best Wedding Guest Dresses Based on Location

Posted by Samantha Spackman on

As the wedding season approaches, it's crucial to consider the perfect attire based on the venue chosen by the happy couple. Whether you find yourself in a tropical paradise, amidst majestic mountains, or the towering skyscrapers of a vibrant city, ROOLEE has your wedding guest wardrobe covered. Let's explore the diverse options available for each enchanting location!

1: Beach Wedding

There's nothing quite like the serenity of a beach wedding. With the sun shining and the sound of waves crashing, these venues create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable celebrations. Opt for something flowy with spring or summer vibes, like the Taylor Jane Wrap Maxi or The Cambridge Eyelet Midi. Their breezy and fresh styles are ideal for dancing the night away by the shore.

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Shop this look: Taylor Jane Wrap MaxiThe Cambridge Eyelet Midi

2: Backyard Wedding

There's something charmingly nostalgic about a backyard wedding, bringing memories of '90s celebrations. These intimate settings are perfect for creating unforgettable moments. For the best dressed guest, add a hint of vintage to your outfit. The Janeen Floral Button Down Dress and the Arla Smocked Midi blend nostalgia with delicate details, ensuring you stand out with timeless sophistication.

a woman in a dress

Shop this look: Janeen Floral Button Down DressArla Smocked Midi 

3: Botanical Wedding

A botanical wedding venue is simply stunning and out of the ordinary! Being surrounded by nature's beauty in all its shapes and colors sets the perfect scene for tying the knot. Embracing floral designs is ideal for complementing this dreamlike setting. The Charlotte Rose Smocked Midi and the Through the Garden Gate Smocked Dress beautifully demonstrate how florals can enhance any venue.

a woman in a dress and hat

Shop this look: Charlotte Rose Smocked MidiThrough the Garden Gate Smocked Dress

4: Event Center Wedding

Event centers are a party of their own, but hosting a wedding there can take it to the next level. This venue offers versatility and can be tailored to suit the bride and groom's preferences. We recommend selecting an item that can be styled in numerous ways. The SALT Gala Timeless Sequin Detail Dress and the Grayce Square Neck Dress are excellent choices for their versatility and elegance.

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Shop this look: SALT Gala Timeless Sequin Detail DressGrayce Square Neck Dress

5: Lodge/Mountain Wedding

Lodge and mountain weddings hold a special place in our hearts. With a touch of country charm, these venues boast breathtaking views and rustic beauty. Whether it's a destination wedding or a family affair, these iconic locations offer a perfect backdrop. For attire, we suggest earthy tones to complement the surroundings. The Hidden Figures Patchwork Midi and the Jo Button Down Pocket Dress are ideal for adding mountain vibes to your look.

a woman in a dress and a hat

Shop this look: Hidden Figures Patchwork MidiJo Button Down Pocket Dress

6: Forest Wedding

A forest wedding offers a mystical setting with a touch of enchantment. This stunning venue creates lasting memories for all. To harmonize with the forest surroundings, opt for a dress that complements its natural beauty through color or design. The Darby Floral Puff Sleeve Midi and the SALT Haven View Burnout Dress show the magical allure of forest-inspired dresses.

a woman in a dress

Shop this look: Darby Floral Puff Sleeve MidiSALT Haven View Burnout Dress

6: City Wedding

Get ready for modern vibes! City weddings offer the perfect opportunity to showcase contemporary dresses. Surrounded by beautiful city lights, it's a captivating setting. Choose less traditional attire to fit the urban vibe. The At the Wake Puff Sleeve Flare Dress and the Kadie Textured Dress are perfect modern options that blend seamlessly with the cityscape.

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Shop this look: At the Wake Puff Sleeve Flare DressKadie Textured Dress

7: Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard weddings are all about class and sophistication. To blend in seamlessly at these stunning venues, choose timeless attire. Whether it's rich florals or colors, ROOLEE has the perfect dress for you! The Everything I Am Smocked Midi and the Marmee Flutter Sleeve Dress add class to any vineyard wedding.

a woman in a dress

Shop this look:  Everything I Am Smocked MidiMarmee Flutter Sleeve Dress

8: Art Gallery Wedding

Unique is the first word that comes to mind. What's better than being surrounded by talented artists' work? Art gallery weddings blend the past and future seamlessly. Opt for items with intricate details. The Sugar Rush Smocked Midi and the See You Again Floral Maxi demonstrate how these details can elevate your look for an art gallery wedding.

a woman in a dress

Shop this look: Sugar Rush Smocked MidiSee You Again Floral Maxi

9: Countryside Wedding

With views of amber waves and breathtaking sunsets, a countryside wedding is genuinely breathtaking. We recommend attire with a hint of country charm, like delicate ruffles or simplistic designs. The Celeste Ruffle Maxi and the They Shine for You Tiered Midi beautifully showcase the country-inspired style with soft ruffles and charming colors.

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Shop this look: Celeste Ruffle MaxiThey Shine for You Tiered Midi

10: Church Wedding

"Goin' to the chapel of love" has never been more fitting. Church weddings are the epitome of the ideal wedding venue, timeless and elegant. Try more modest attire to complement this classic setting. The Jasmine Flutter Sleeve Maxi and the Tamora Tiered Eyelet Dress elevate modest dresses to the next level, making them perfect for any church wedding.

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What are your favorite wedding guest dresses? Let us know in the comments!

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