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Someday Book Co. Q+A with author Talia Vaughn

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Where did the inspiration for the Someday Book Company come from?

I have had a dream of writing these children’s books for about 10 years. It all started with the idea that I wanted kids to know that they could be whatever they wanted to be when they grew up. Having children of my own and being a school teacher helped me realize how important and fun it is to read to your own children. I thought that if it was a book they (parent or child) were interested in, they would be more likely to read it. My idea wasn’t just for one book, the idea was bigger than that. I wanted to create several books along this idea. That is where Someday Books started. I think my biggest inspiration has just come from being a mom. I love watching my children learn and grow and show interest and talent in certain areas of their lives.

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What age group are the books written for?

The Someday Books are written for children newborn to about 4-5 years old. My favorite books to read to my own children at that age are the books that do not have a lot of words on a page, and the illustrations are attractive. Little kids have a very short attention span, so the Someday Books are created in a way that keeps the child’s attention for a short period of time, but also provides an opportunity for parents to read with their children at the same time. Plus, the illustrations are amazing!

How do the “Someday” Books inspire kids?

When we were little, we all wanted to be something. Firefighter, police officer, teacher, football player, soccer player etc...the list goes on and on. Someday books are full of small clues talking about a specific thing kids can be when they grow up. For example, in the book “Someday I Will Be a Basketball Player,” the words say “Someday I will shoot a ball into a hoop.” The illustrations are also inspiring because they are of little kids doing these things.

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Why is it important for parents to read books with their children?

This is something that I am very passionate about. It is one of the easiest things we can do as parents and has such a great impact on kids during critical development years. Being a school teacher has also shown me how important it is for parents to read with their kids. It shows them that reading is not only important, but fun. It can be a great time to bond with your child for as long as the child will sit still. Reading to your child at an early age also helps kids to know the simple and basic things about books, letters, and words.

How did you get connected with your illustrator, Taylor Regen?

Finding an illustrator was the hardest part of my journey, hands-down. I didn’t know anyone, and I didn’t trust anyone with my idea either. I didn’t even know if it was a good idea, so I felt very vulnerable and that held me back for a long time. My brother Chad introduced me to Taylor and thought she might be interested in drawing some illustrations for me. I shared my ideas with Taylor and my vision of how I wanted the illustrations to look. She was excited to give it a try, and it has worked out perfectly. She is very talented and has an incredible amount of creativity.

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What steps do you take to ensure that your books are inclusive (race, gender, etc.)?

I want to be very sensitive about this because the whole idea behind Someday Books is that ANY kid can be ANYthing or ANYone when they grow up. We have tried to include all different races and genders, and will continue to do so as we create more books.

What “Someday” book (existing or not) would you have wanted to read as a child?

I would have loved to read “Someday I Will Be a Gymnast.” I have loved gymnastics my entire life. I was always hanging upside down or flipping around as a kid and was a competitive gymnast for nine years. I would have loved a book about it at really any age!

Any secrets you can tell us about an upcoming Someday Book?

I think my favorite book so far is the one that is being shipped right now. It is titled “Someday I Will Be a Friend.” Everybody wants to be a friend, needs a friend, or is a friend, so I feel like this book is for everyone!

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