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A Special Donation to the Gossner Cancer Center

Posted by Kelsie Nelson on

Cache Valley has a very special facility located right here in our valley. In 2017, Logan Regional Hospital announced an expansion to the existing cancer center, funded in part through a donation from Gossner Foods, Inc. Now named the Gossner Cancer Center, this center provides care to 100 patients a day from all parts of Cache Valley, and surrounding areas including Idaho and Wyoming.

In 2019, The ROOLEE team, inspired by stories of strong women battling cancer within our families, designed a special dress for our sisters battling cancer. 100% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of the dress were donated directly to the Gossner Cancer Center. During the delivery of the funds, the loving team at the Gossner Cancer center shared some of their frustration with the standard hospital smocks the cancer patients used. Given the unique treatments these patients were undergoing, the standard clothing was not nearly as functional as they had hoped. This kicked off a new project for the ROOLEE team, one that took several years of collaboration to achieve.

In 2022, the ROOLEE team was proud to deliver something that would truly help each individual patient at the Gossner Cancer Center. These new smocks are available for all cancer patients at the center with not only improved function, but also colorful patterns and inspiring messages to hopefully give a little bit of brightness to their day.


Specially designed cancer smocks donated by ROOLEE 

“Redesigning the hospital smocks started with the simple desire to create a more flattering design for the Cancer Center and quickly turned into something much more” stated Morgan Erickson, Lead Designer at ROOLEE. “It was amazing to see doctors, patients and our Roolee team come together to create a product that not only makes patients look good, but feel good. The fabrics were hand selected by the patients, and each smock contains a message that reads, ‘we are with you.’ With our A World of Sisters initiative, we believe that all women should lift each other up, and it is our goal for these smocks to create a moment of peace during a time of hardship.It was an honor to facilitate the Cancer Center team's vision for this project, and it is our hope that during these hard times, Cancer Center patients can feel encouraged, comforted, and loved.”

The Intermountain Cancer Center - Logan is part of a system of 33 hospitals and 385 clinics operated by Intermountain Health. Once a person within the service area is diagnosed, they receive a call from the center within 24 hours to help them navigate the journey.

Our team was able to participate in a tour of the Gossner Cancer Center and learn more about the good this center does. We were amazed to see how all the different departments work together to provide expert care. It’s not just about treating patients; it’s about navigating the journey with them. It goes beyond providing space by ensuring the space they have meets each patient's need while also considering comfort and privacy.


ROOLEE Team and Gossner Cancer Center 

Within this center, there are 14 open infusion areas and three private infusion rooms, specifically designed with their patients’ needs and comforts. Plans for the future include a redesign and expansion of the Radiation Infusion wing, including a new Linear Accelerator and Vault.

The Gossner Cancer Center also provides a full supportive care team through an endowment from the Richard and Jane Spillman Family. This team includes two nurse navigators, a financial navigator, a social worker, and a dietician. Additionally, the Huskinson Family has provided an endowment for Oncology Patient rehabilitation, including physical therapy and gym trainers. TeleHealth services are also provided, helping to ensure care locally for patients in Wyoming and Utah.

We are immensely grateful for the Intermountain Cancer Center in Logan and all the good they do every single day. We are also immensely grateful for and humbled by the opportunity to be a part of something special at this center. While these smocks may not seem like a big deal, for the patients at this center, we hope they will provide them with a feeling of encouragement, comfort and love.


Gossner Cancer Center


 Based in Utah with locations in seven states and additional operations across the western U.S., Intermountain Healthcare is a nonprofit system of 33 hospitals, 385 clinics, medical groups with some 3,800 employed physicians and advanced practice providers, a health plans division called SelectHealth with more than 1 million members, and other health services. Helping people live the healthiest lives possible, Intermountain is committed to improving community health and is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare by using evidence-based best practices to consistently deliver high-quality outcomes at sustainable costs.

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