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Easy DIY Boho Mirror

Posted by Kelsie Nelson on

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how does one get cute decor for fall? We've got you covered! Getting a beautiful stylish mirror from the store gets very expensive, but it doesn't need to be. We decided to try our hands at DIY to show you how to make a boho mirror that looks expensive + chic, but for only $20 and 10 minutes, it will be the best secret you and I share!




Supplies for an easy DIY Boho Mirror



Step 1: Plan + prep 

I know the words "prep work" can turn people off to DIY projects, but don't worry! This prep work is quick and painless. All you need to do is wipe your mirror with a cloth if it has any dust or prints, plug in your glue gun, and get the wooden balls laid out for quick grabs. This will ensure you have everything ready to go, and you won't have to stop in the middle of the project.  

prepping a DIY mirrorprep materials for DIY mirror




Step 2: Get to gluing 

I won't lie to you– this part is a little tedious BUT very fast! Pick a spot on the edge of the mirror, and start gluing the wooden balls on. In order to get each ball glued evenly lined up to the previous one, I recommend putting the dab of glue directly on the ball and placing it on the mirror after.

Once the wooden balls form a circle fully around the edge of the mirror, cut out your desired length of the cotton twine and glue it in a loop on the back of the mirror. This will provide a way to hang the mirror and follows the bohemian vibe of the mirror. 

gluing wooden balls onto a boho mirror 



Step 3: Hang + show off

 Once the glue is dry and the cotton twine is securely in place, hold up your mirror + gently inspect that all the pieces are secure. Doing so will ensure that once you hang your mirror, you won't have any rogue wooden balls falling off.

Now you’re ready to go! All that’s left is to do is hang your masterpiece + show it off to all your friends! Once everything is secure, you can hang this up on your wall with a small nail, or even a command hook! Everyone around you will think you spent a fortune on this bohemian work of art, but you and I will know the truth + we can keep that a secret! 

 easy diy boho mirroreasy diy boho mirror


What’s your favorite DIY project you've ever done? Share with us in the comments!

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