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Healthy After School Snack Idea

Posted by Kelsie Nelson on

Trying to get your kids to eat healthy food can be a very difficult task, I get it! How do you make fruits and vegetables look better than brownies and cookies? Sometimes it's not about what the food is, but how it's presented! We came up with an easy snack idea that fulfills the healthy snack need, while still providing a fun and interactive experience for your child! Below you will find all of the supplies and steps needed to make yummy-yummy caterpillars + yummy-yummy snails! 



    • 1 cup seedless grapes
    • 1-2 oranges
    • 1-2 apples
    • 1 stalk of celery
    • Jar of peanut butter
    • cutting board
    • Butter knife
    • Regular cutting knife
    • Googly eyes(optional)

Supplies for a healthy snack idea 


Step 1: Wash + prep

The first step to ensuring you provide a healthy snack for your littles, is to make sure it's clean and fresh from start to finish. This means starting with washing all of the fruit and vegetables you are using!

Once that step is complete, you will need to slice the oranges and apples into thin, round slices. Then you will cut the celery into 3-4" strips. To ensure the celery sits flat, I would recommend slicing a thin layer off the bottom side to give it a flat resting point. From there, the last prep step is to pluck the grapes off the vine so they are ready to be placed.

apples being washed



Step 2: Layer + place  

This is where the magic happens! In this step, you will start by layering the inside of the celery with peanut butter. Use your best judgment on how much peanut butter you layer.

Once all the celery strips are layered with peanut butter, you can start placing the fruit! Depending on the length of the celery strip, you can fit 4-5 grapes on one strip for the caterpillars. For the snails, you will need one apple/orange slice and one grape on each strip. You can also adjust how many orange slices to apple slices you want in your snack variety depending on your child's preferences. 

laying a celery stick with peanut butterfruit snail 



Step 3: Present + enjoy!

 If you're feeling really fancy, you can add little googly eyes to each yummy-yummy creature to add an extra touch of fun, but you are not required to by any means!

This step is all about your kiddo! Present it to them after school, and let them interact with the creatures. This will re-introduce the fruit and vegetables in a fun and positive way, thus providing an easy approach to encouraging healthy snacks!

 healthy fruit and vegetable caterpillar and snail


What’s your favorite after-school snack? Share with us in the comments!

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