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ROOLEE Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Posted by Kelsie Nelson on

Welcome to your one-stop shop for the holidays! We've curated the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, from your best girlfriends to your rosy-cheeked bundle of joy. We've even stocked some quality goods for the men in your life! Read on to find a few gifts that are sure to please (and maybe a little something for yourself, too). 



For the friend who is a fashionista

Clothing and shoes can be a difficult gift to give if you aren’t sure of your friend’s sizing, but if you happen to know your close friend’s size, this is a great way to go the extra mile for your fashion-forward friend who only wants clothes!

 clothing gift guide

  1. The Arista Lace Midi Dress 
  2. Free People Ruby Jacket
  3. Light Up My World Set
  4. The Stafford Plaid Blazer
  5. The Great Escape Plaid Coat
  6. Fort Collins Tree PulloverFort Collins Tree Joggers
  7. Time For Me To Soar Paisley Dress
  8. Climb A Mountain Ribbed Sweater
  9. Free People Distressed Maggie Straight Jeans
  10. Chessy Ruffle Sleeve Overalls



For the friend with a jewelry collection

All I want for Christmas is jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry. Even for those friends that seem to have it all, we know that they don't have everything! Every piece is a little bit different, and they're a great way to add a little extra something to an outfit. If you're feeling sentimental, buy two so you can match. In our opinion, you're never too old for friendship bracelets!

jewelry gift guide

  1. The Keller Ring Stack
  2. Constantine Necklace
  3. Silver Linings Turquoise Ring
  4. Rey Hoop Earrings
  5. The Josie Ring Holder
  6. Mini Gold Stone Stacking Bracelet
  7. Skies of Blue Necklace
  8. Baylor Geometric Earrings
  9. Mini Gold Stone Stacking Bracelet
  10. Smiley Face Earrings



For the friend with a shoe collection

If you know your friend's shoe size, you're a real one. Gifting a pair of stylish shoes like these is an act of true friendship, especially if you don't have to ask for their shoe size (but bonus points if you can do some sneaking around and find it without them knowing). We have some of this year’s favorites ready for you + your bestie!

shoe gift guide

  1. ROOLEE Prince Booties 
  2. Old Skool Checkered Vans
  3. Elfrida Ankle Strap Heels
  4. Dimestore Cowgirl Heeled Boots
  5. Aubrey High Top Platform Sneakers
  6. Start A New Life Ankle Boots
  7. MIA Lucca Faux Fur Slipper Slides



For the MOM in the friend group  

Motherhood is such a wonderful and difficult time– wonderful having a little one that steals your heart, and but difficult when it comes to finding something that fits your new body + new life. There is a period of time when moms spend less time focusing on themself, and more time focusing on their child. This is where you come in! Below we have listed some new mom essentials!

 mom gift guide

  1. Peter Kavinsky Wide Leg OverallsMini Peter Kavinsky Wide Leg Overalls
  2. Lavender La La Bath Soak
  3. ROOLEE E-Gift Card
  4. Sleepless Night Slippers
  5. Young and Beautiful MOM Dress
  6. Doing Your Best MOM Dress
  7. Childhood History Promptly Journal
  8. Multi-Use Cover in Harbor
  9. Francesca Puff Sleeve MOM Dress



For the homebody friend

There's nothing wrong with being a homebody, and if someone gave us these cozy gifts, we'd be one too! An impossibly soft blanket, cozy slippers, yummy candles, and 24/7 PJ sets are perfect gifts for the friend who loves to lounge in luxury.

 holiday cozy gift guide


  1. The Gingerbread House Robe
  2. Rally Fluffy Slide
  3. Secret Garden Floral Throw Blanket
  4. Capri Blue Volcano Glam Candle
  5. Capri Blue Volcano Body Scrub
  6. Don't Worry Be Happy Bubbly Bath Soak
  7. Coconut Milk Mango Demi Hand Cream
  8. Capri Blue Volcano Bubble Bath
  9. Nailed It Manicure Set



For the little ones

Buying gifts for babies is just as fun for you as it is for them to tear the wrapping paper off of the box. Thoughtful, fun, useful and unique, ROOLEE Kids has something for all the little kiddos in your life.

 baby gift guide

  1. Jace Teething Rattle
  2. The Pati Clip
  3. Rylee + Cru Terracotta Lace Trim Socks
  4. Bella Luna Silicone Bib
  5. Desert Sage Muslin Swaddle Blanket
  6. Striped Cotton Muslin Changing Pad Cover
  7. Gathre Soleil Micro Mat
  8. Kids Positive Affirmation Cards
  9. Marigold Knit Hooded Towel
  10. Gingham & Fish Bandana Bibs

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