Outfits to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and, let's be honest, the outfit you wear is an important piece to the puzzle of a successful dinner. We know that not all Thanksgiving dinners are created equal, so we've put together a combination of different outfit styles that will fit every type of dinner activity!




A Glamorous Friendsgiving

If you're the type of girl that loves to get together with friends to give thanks for your special friendship, then you should capitalize on this opportunity to dress up nice and fancy! Take your girls night friendsgiving to the next level with formal attire. You'll thank yourself when you nail a fit pic with the girls and can post it to the gram.   

Sequin Skirt

Shop this look: Salt Romazzino Draped Sequin Skirt | Dakota Triangle Crown Hat | Free People Essential Chelsea Boots | Sonia Ruffle Mock Neck Sweater | The Splendid Turtleneck



A Football Thanksgiving Lunch

If your family is a football family that saves Thanksgiving day for the most competitive game of the year, then we've got you covered. Embrace the sporty fashion and take some W's on the football field! You won't be afraid to get down in the grass and then indulge in some Thanksgiving lunch in this cute fit. 

Sporty Hoodies

Shop this look: L8 to the Party Pullover  | Anything 4 You Pullover  | Noah Detail Denim Jacket | Linen Newsboy Cap



A Thanksgiving Where You'll Meet People You've Never Seen Before

We all have those super distant relatives that seem to randomly pop up at family get-togethers, and Thanksgiving is a holiday where this tends to happen more often than not. To make a good first impression on your many nameless relatives, a simple, flattering dress should do the trick. 

Floral Midi Dress

Shop this look:  Wilde Floral Midi Dress | Free People Essential Chelsea Boots



An All-Day Thanksgiving Followed by a Late-Night Black Friday Run

For some, the highlight of Thanksgiving is the all-night Black Friday run that takes place at the end of the day. If you've got a day full of Thanksgiving festivities and a night full of Black Friday fun, then you need an outfit that will bring you nonstop comfort! A matching sweater set is exactly what you need. 

Comfortable Sets

Shop this look: The Fleur Knit Pants | The Fleur Knit Sweater | Free People Brooks Leather Chelsea Boot | Free People Essential Chelsea Boots



A Classic Thanksgiving Feast

Bring on the turkey, stuffing, and all things pumpkin flavored! If you are attending a classic Thanksgiving dinner, you have endless amounts of clothing options. Take this opportunity to dress up in your favorite blouse and enjoy time with family! 

 Free People Blouse

Shop this look:  Free People Meant to be Blouse | Ran the Red Pleated Skirt | Free People Essential Chelsea Boots



An All-In-One Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Party

If your family doesn't get together too often so they've combined the Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas party, it's time to pull out your favorite winter sweater. Christmas came early because you get to wear winter fashion to your Thanksgiving dinner! 

Neutral Sweaters

Shop this look: Johnson Wide Leg Crop Overalls | Delores Cable Knit Sweater | Linen Newsboy Cap



How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Share with us in the comments!

What is your favorite sweater? Share with us in the comments! 
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