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100 Ways to Tell Your Mom You Love Her

Posted by Kenzi Didericksen on

This one is for the new moms, the soon-to-be moms, the grandmas, and all of the other mother figures in our lives. Here are 100 ideas of how to tell her you love her through small acts of kindness!


Pregnancy Announcement - How to Tell Your Mom You Love Her



1. Fill up her gas tank

2. Cook her dinner

3. Send her a thoughtful text

4. FaceTime her for no reason

5. Get matching outfits

6. Send her a song that reminds you of her

7. Take her out to lunch

8. Grab her favorite treat from the gas station

9. Write down your favorite memory together

10. Schedule her a hair appointment




11. Make a list of what she has taught you

12. Ask about her day

13. Recreate your favorite day together

14. Leave a note on her car

15. Give her your favorite book with a note inside

16. Do her dishes

17. Frame a picture of you together

18. Pray for her

19. Do a photoshoot together

20. Make her a playlist


New Mom 



21. Put together a recipe book for her

22. Make a slideshow of your pictures together

23. Bake her cookies

24. Send a handwritten letter in the mail

25. Buy her a plant

26. Weed her garden

27. Do a service project together

28. Visit your local animal shelter with her

29. Go on a hike

30. Mow her lawn


Mother of Two



31. Rent a movie to watch together

32. Leave notes around the house for her to find later

33. Bring her flowers

34. Fold her laundry

35. Take a cooking class together

36. Take a trip to see your childhood home

37. Buy her a weekend getaway at a nearby hotel

38. Light a candle

39. Paint your nails together

40. Give her a journal with prompts

 Boy Mom



41. Ask her questions about “the good old days”

42. Put together a charcuterie board

43. Take a yoga class together

44. Buy her groceries

45. Wash her bedsheets

46. Buy a map and pin the places you’ve been together

47. Schedule her a massage

48. Declutter her junk drawer

49. Go on a picnic

50. Make a gratitude list together

 Young Mom



51. Visit a petting zoo

52. Go to a float spa

53. Take her on a shopping spree

54. Go on a bike ride

55. Visit a bookstore and pick out books together

56. Water her plants

57. Take her car to the car wash

58. Host the family gathering 

59. Encourage her to reconnect with an old friend

60. Recreate an old picture




61. Make a personalized calendar with family pictures

62. Start a new tradition 

63. Leave an anonymous care basket on her porch

64. Go to a work out class together

65. Buy her a new lounge set

66. Take her to her favorite store

67. Get her jewelry cleaned

68. Restock her snack drawer

69. Donate a load of things she’s been wanting to get rid of

70. Hang a picture on the fridge for her to find later

 Young Mom



71. Have a movie night

72. Change out her old holiday decor

73. Get all of her kitchen knives sharpened

74. Clean out the guest bedroom

75. Get her a souvenir

76. Fill out her calendar with important dates

77. Clean her shoes

78. Help her get rid of old kitchen ware

79. Organize the files on her computer

80. Get her stocked up on yummy smells (diffusers, candles, etc.)

 Girl Mom



81. Get her a collection of gift cards to places around her

82. Put together a family photo book

83. Start a miniature book club

84. Watch a show together

85. Let her take an uninterrupted nap

86. Get her a variety of bath salts and bubbles

87. Send her daily affirmations

88. Get her a fun water bottle take with her everywhere

89. Surprise her with breakfast in bed

90. Talk about your favorite things in life right now


Mom and Grandma 



91. Ask her about her best subject in school

92. Describe her in 10 words and give her the list

93. Plan a family game night

94. Visit a craft store together

95. Get her mail

96. Prepare her lunches for the week

97. Bake cookies together for her neighbor

98. Pick up the lawn

99. Clean out her electronics/chords drawer

100. Make a Pinterest board of her favorite things and share it with her


Girl Mom 



What is your favorite way to tell your mom you love her? Add to the list in the comments!

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